Don't like using the armband or run belt to bring your phone when running? There is a great solution for you!

Some runners think that the run belt and armband are not suitable for them, so they still run while holding their mobile phones in hands. Let's take a look at the innovative products designed for those who love to run while holding a mobile phone!

A New Solution to Bring The Phone When Running

Do you often get troubles to hold your mobile phone while running?

Many people like to use their mobile phones as a tool when running, such as using an app to record their running speed and distance.
However, some runners think that the bum bag and armband are not suitable for them, so they still run while holding their mobile phones in hands.

How to hold the mobile phone when running, where to put the mobile phone when running
Many runners prefer to run while holding their mobile phones in hands so that they can check the information at any time

However, if you hold your mobile phone in your hands, you may:
• Find it difficult to do ward up exercises
• Makes forearm muscles tighter than thigh muscles
• Break your phone while striding
• Sweat all over the phone. The tighter you hold the phone, the more slippery your hand becomes that making you can't run boldly
• Wish to have another hand to help with opening the bottle
• The mobile phone may break if you hold it with your armpit when tightening the shoelace

There is always a risk of breaking your phone while running if you hold it in your hands. Today, we will introduce a handheld mobile phone holder for runners.

With Run Tie Handheld 2, you no longer:
Get distracted with your handheld phone while running;
Test your skill of holding a phone with your armpit;
Put your phone inside your pants while freeing both hands.

Run Tie Handheld 2

In a road run, we found that many people preferred to run with a mobile phone in their hands rather than using armbands and bum bags. Some may want to check the mileage and running speed at any time, while others may want to be able to take photos along the way.

Therefore, Bone's design director Reads designed "Run Tie Handheld 2" inspired by this, hoping to give runners a new way to run with their mobile phones.

Run Tie Handheld 2 is improved and designed in response to feedback from runners who experienced Run Tie Handheld 1. Now, let's get to know more about Run Tie Handheld 2.

run tie handheld, hold the mobiles in hands while running, running with mobile phone
Run Tie Handheld 2 is designed for those who prefer to run while holding their phones in hands.

No restrictions on mobile phone brands and models, no obscuring of camera lenses, FACE ID
Straps design + Asymmetrical design

Many sports phone accessories are limited to specific phone brands and models. After changing to a new mobile phone, the sports accessories have to be bought again, which is not only a waste of money, but also not environmentally friendly. Run Tie Handheld 2 is designed with straps, making it compatible with mobile phones of all brands.

All brands of mobile phones with a screen size of 4.7 to 7.2 inches are all compatible. In addition, the straps are fixed to the four corners of the mobile phone, which will not affect the FACE ID and fingerprint recognition functions.

In order to allow runners to take photos along the way, the straps with the asymmetrical structure on the top and bottom are specially arranged, so that no matter whether the mobile phone lens is placed diagonally above or in the center of the top, it will not be obscured.

Maximizing the use of items is not only environmentally friendly, but more importantly, not wasting money.

hold the mobiles in hands while running, run tie handheld, sports accessories, universal armband
The straps design run tie is compatible with all mobile phones of all brands and allows you to take photos and check messages at any time.

No more worrying about dropping your phone: Grip design

Most runners are worried about dropping their mobile phones while running if they hold it in their hands.

The grip design of Run Tie Handheld 2 not only makes the phone more secure, but also makes it easier to hold. The most worrying part when running with mobile phone is the sweat on the hands.

The sweat-wicking grooves are designed on the inside of the grip to promote heat dissipation and sweat-wicking, and to maintain the comfort while holding the phone.

armband, run tie handheld, running with mobile phone
The strap-grip design provides extra protection and peace of mind for runners.

Free up your hands for warm-ups, hydration, shoelaces: the grip straps can be worn on the wrist

Doing warm-up exercises requires you to warm up your whole body, and it's always a bit of a hassle if you hold your phone in your hands. Simultaneous assistance is always required when opening a bottle or tying shoelaces.

If you hold the phone in one hand, it will make the movement sluggish, and you may accidentally drop the phone. Some people may clip the phone under the armpit or fasten it to the elastic band of the pants temporarily. Actually, you don't have to do all these.

The Run Tie Handheld 2 grip strap can also be used as a wrist strap to secure the phone to your wrist or forearm when two hands are needed, allowing for smooth movement of your hands.

run with mobile phone, how to run with mobile phone, where to put the mobile phone while running, do warm-up exercises with mobile phone
Running with Run Tie Handheld 2 to hold your phone can make warming up, opening bottle or tying shoelaces an easy task.

Suitable for all hands: Adjustable grip strap

One of the differences from the Run Tie Handheld 1 is that the grip strap of the Run Tie Handheld 2 is adjustable. Users can adjust the suitable size according to their own hand circumference.

Suitable for hand circumference of about 11 - 23 cm. It is suitable for big or small hands, men, women and even children. It can be held or tied to the wrist or forearm! Everyone run happily and freely with Run Tie Handheld 2.

handheld phone holder, run tie, how to run with a mobile phone, where to put the mobile phone while running
The Run Tie Handheld 2 features an adjustable grip strap for easy use for all sizes of hands.

Dirt will not stick: The entire Run Tie Handheld 2 is washable

Running is a happy and refreshing exercise, but if the sports accessories are sticky and smelly due to sweat, you may stay away from them after using them. In order to prevent such problems, Run Tie Handheld 2 is made of environmentally friendly silicone material, and the whole piece is washable! You no longer need to worry about the smell of sweat or dust residue.

running without armband, running sports accessories, run tie, washable
The whole series of run tie is washable. You no longer need to worry about the smell of sweat or dust residue.

The above is the introduction of Run Tie Handheld 2. If you want to know more about it, click here!
Run Tie Handheld 2, a creative product designed for runners who love to run while holding their mobile phone in hands.

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