There are different uses for lanyard hook* * Can be matched with products * hand lanyard, neck lanyard and crossbody lanyard

In the era of personalisation, you can freely select your preferred Bone characters and colors to create a one-of-a-kind item that suits your specific requirements. You can get the items that fit your lifestyle at Bone and create a distinctive personal style if you're looking for hand lanyards, neck lanyards, or crossbody lanyards.

There are different uses for lanyard hook* * Can be matched with products * hand lanyard, neck lanyard and crossbody lanyard

The buckle lanyard series is available in three lengths Hand lanyard-17cm, neck lanyard 50cm, crossbody lanyard 80cm

hand hanging, neck lanyard, crossbody lanyard, lanyard

Buckle Lanyard Design-Creativity of Life The world's first hidden buckle design invented by Bone. There are dozens of creative products to choose from, including mobile phone straps, wallets, ID card holders, card holders, fans, and AirPods protective cases. Complete your style with a buckle lanyard and charms.

 hand lanyard, neck lanyard, crossbody lanyard, lanyard

Buckle hand lanyard-17cm Are you having a hard time finding your keys in your handbag when you get home? If you don't want to waste time looking for your keys, a hand lanyard is the perfect accessory for you. The hand lanyard is simple and stylish, and can match your daily attire. Even in your handbag, you can easily see the lanyard and take it out quickly. And it is also very convenient to tie on your bag. The buckle design can be used for cardholders or mini spray bottles.

hand lanyard

Buckle neck lanyard-50cm If you need to show your staff ID card every day, or your hands are sore because of the frequent use of mobile phone, then a neck lanyard is the ideal product for you. The 50cm neck lanyard is adjustable, and can also be matched with a phone tie. Recently, the restrictions on going abroad have been lifted. A neck lanyard with a passport holder will come in extremely handy for you when your hands are full of luggage and you need to fill out and submit several documents to customs.

neck lanyard

Crossbody lanyard- 80 cm If you don't like wearing accessories on your neck, you can use the adjustable crossbody lanyard. The buckle crossbody lanyard series are all made of environmentally friendly silicone that can be washed directly.

Crossbody lanyard

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