Say goodbye to muscle soreness! Let's explore five popular massage services and find the most suitable way to relax!

In today's generation, the advancement of technology has changed people's lifestyles. Muscle soreness is no longer limited to laborers or post-workout discomfort. Almost any type of work or lifestyle can cause minor physical ailments. Just like how cars and motorcycles require regular maintenance, our bodies, which are more important, also need regular care. In this article, we will share various types of massage services to help individuals easily find the most suitable massage method and prevent their bodies from deteriorating.
Sports Massage
Say goodbye to muscle soreness and enjoy a pain-free life

Say goodbye to muscle soreness and enjoy a pain-free life.
Muscle pain is an inevitable problem we encounter throughout our lives. Whether it's "delayed onset muscle soreness" caused by exercise, soreness due to prolonged sitting or standing that leads to reduced blood circulation and tissue hypoxia, or even myofascial pain caused by emotions, stress, and psychological factors, sometimes neither individuals nor doctors can identify the cause of the soreness. In such situations, many people seek relief through massage and relaxation.
Nowadays, there is a wide range of massage and relaxation establishments on the market, including foot massages, spa treatments, Thai massages, and the increasingly popular sports massages. With massage shops appearing on the streets like convenience stores, it becomes difficult to decide which one to choose when wanting a massage. Considering that the cost of a massage is not low, it is important to spend the money wisely. Therefore, let's go through and explore various types of massage and relaxation options, so that everyone can have a better understanding when selecting massage services!

Common Relaxation Massages

The most common types of massage services you'll usually find on the streets are as follows:
1. Foot Massage
By pressing on the acupoints of the feet, the reflex points of various organs and parts of the body are stimulated. This massage can alleviate cold feet, improve blood circulation, and relieve stress. People who have tried foot massages often experience pain during the massage, but feel relaxed and refreshed afterward.

Foot Massage
The love-hate relationship with foot massages makes them a great choice for affordable massages.

2. Spa Therapy
Using water as a medium, spa therapy involves adjusting water temperature, water pressure, and incorporating aromatherapy oils to achieve relaxation of the mind and body. Typically, facial massage and relaxation treatments are included in the service, making it a comprehensive option with great benefits for beauty and rejuvenation.
3. Acupressure Massage
Acupressure massage typically involves the use of fingers and elbows to apply pressure, knead, and stimulate tender points in the muscles. Acupressure massage involves stronger techniques and force, making it suitable for individuals who enjoy a sensation of soreness. For those who spend long hours sitting in an office and have stiff shoulders and necks due to computer use, acupressure massage can provide effective relief through deep relaxation techniques.
4. Oil Massage
Oil massage, also known as aromatherapy massage, involves applying essential oils or massage oils to the body and using gentle strokes, rubbing, and scraping techniques. This generates heat and promotes muscle relaxation. Oil massage is suitable for those who prefer a comfortable and relaxing massage experience without much sensation of soreness. It is perfect for individuals looking to have a good night's sleep.
5. Thai Massage
Thai massage incorporates both acupressure and oil massage techniques, but its most distinctive feature is the integration of yoga-like postures, stretching, and joint mobilization. It involves dynamic movements that may feel like the body is being pulled apart. Thai massage is suitable for individuals who prefer intense and hardcore massages. It is also one of my personal favorite massage styles!

Thai Massage
The exaggerated movements in Thai massage are derived from Indian yoga.

The aforementioned massage techniques are usually performed by massage therapists following a standard procedure, and they further tailor their services to meet the specific needs of each customer. These massage methods are suitable for almost all demographics. By choosing a technique that you personally prefer, you can undoubtedly have a great experience.

Tuina Rehabilitation and Chiropractic Adjustment

Next, we have the commonly seen practices of tuina rehabilitation and chiropractic adjustment. Additionally, there are services known as "bone setting" and "spinal adjustment," which are often confused in Taiwan. However, these two techniques are completely different. According to the regulations of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, traditional tuina rehabilitation must be properly referred to as "traditional rehabilitation tuina," and it should be distinguished from the Chinese medicine practice of "Chinese medicine traumatology tuina." Folk therapy services are not allowed to claim medical effects. Traditional tuina techniques mainly involve stretching, massage, and tendon manipulation to address soreness and provide pressure point relaxation.
On the other hand, the commonly known "bone setting" and "spinal adjustment" are formal treatment methods in Chinese medicine, also referred to as "rigid traumatology techniques." Compared to muscle and fascia relaxation, these techniques primarily focus on adjusting joints and skeletal structures. The methods involve "twisting, pulling, squeezing, and jerking" to realign dislocated joints and bones. The changes in joint space also promote muscle relaxation, improve blood circulation, alleviate pain, and during the process, you may often hear the cracking sound of joints moving. It may sound intimidating, but it can be quite therapeutic!

Spinal Adjustment
Spinal adjustment is also a popular relaxation method chosen by many people recently.

Since it is one of the medical methods in traditional Chinese medicine, it can target specific affected areas for enhancement. Many modern lifestyles can cause slight misalignment of joints and bones in the body. This method can be used to address such issues. However, before undergoing spinal adjustment or bone realignment, it is important to consider any neurological or structural conditions in your body that may pose risks during the process. It is always best to consult with a doctor if you have any concerns.

Sports Massage

In recent years, due to the popularity of sports and fitness culture, there has been an increasing demand for post-exercise massage and relaxation. The advancement of sports science has also greatly improved the field of sports massage. As the name suggests, "sports massage" specifically targets athletes, incorporating sports science and anatomy to aid in injury recovery and prevention. Compared to traditional massage methods, sports massage is more targeted and requires greater communication between athletes and massage therapists to identify issues and find ways to improve them. Sports massage therapists have a better understanding of the causes of sports injuries and can provide athletes with specific instructions on post-massage exercises to prevent further injuries. It is an essential maintenance practice for athletes and sports enthusiasts who aspire to engage in long-lasting, healthy physical activities.

Sports Massage
Sports massage can help athletes accelerate injury recovery and prevent sports-related injuries.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial release is not a specific massage technique, but rather a relaxation method that is incorporated into various massage modalities. It is commonly used in sports massage to address muscle tightness or strains that result in adhesive muscles. Myofascial release involves the use of techniques and tools, such as a "fascia knife," to apply shear stress on the fascia and release adhesions. For those who have tried the fascia knife, it may initially appear similar to gua sha and potentially painful. However, the process of using a fascia knife can be described as "painless relaxation," as it effectively relaxes the fascial layer and restores the elasticity and length of tight or adhesive fascial muscles.

Fascia Knife
The fascia knife is a popular and practical tool for myofascial release.

This type of massage technique is not only suitable for individuals with tight muscles but also beneficial for athletes and bodybuilders who have specific aesthetic requirements. By releasing the fascia, it can improve the appearance and fullness of the muscles, helping to enhance their overall physique.

Foam Rolling

The last type of massage service to mention is the most cost-effective, efficient, and easily overlooked method: self-massage! When budget is limited, we may not be able to visit a massage parlor every week or day, but it's crucial to prioritize self-care if we want to prevent muscle soreness from becoming a frequent issue.
One of the most common tools for self-relaxation is a foam roller. With just a few hundred bucks, you can effectively massage various parts of your body and adjust the pressure according to your needs. For deeper and targeted areas, you can also use tools like tennis balls, massage balls, or peanut balls. Once you become skilled at using these tools, you can relax most of the muscles in your body. If there's one downside to foam rolling, it's that it can make you sweat and potentially disrupt the enjoyment of the massage process!

Foam Rolling
Regular use of foam rolling helps maintain muscle elasticity.

While it's true that spending money on professional massages can provide the best experience, diligent self-massage at home is absolutely essential if you want to stay away from muscle soreness. Developing a good relaxation routine can greatly enhance your athletic performance as well. If possible, aim to perform self-massage at least 2-3 times a week, which can also help you save some money on professional massages!
The popular concept of "The Miracle Morning" advocates for utilizing the early morning hours to engage in self-improvement activities before starting the workday. Many people incorporate yoga into their Miracle Morning routine, so why not add foam rolling as well? Use the sensation of muscle soreness to wake yourself up (?). To create a comfortable and relaxing environment, aromatic essential oils are an indispensable element. Utilize the Bone's Swing Diffuser & Natural Essential Oils to kickstart your daily "Miracle Morning" routine!

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