Sunshine... So Hot! Sharing a Cooling Bike Route with You

This summer has been exceptionally hot, and the itchiness in your feet may make you reluctant to go cycling. The outdoors feel like a giant oven, and besides getting sunburned, there's also the risk of heatstroke or dehydration, turning cycling into a painful ordeal. Let Biking introduce two famous cooling routes in the north, where you can enjoy nature's natural air conditioning and appreciate the beauty while embarking on a refreshing bicycle journey!

In the scorching enthusiasm of summer, people are overwhelmed by the heat. We believe many cycling enthusiasts want to hop on their bicycles, escape the heat, enjoy the cool breeze, and immerse themselves in the experience of nature. In this vibrant season, let Biking guide you to explore a few unique cycling routes to beat the heat in the north, breathe in the essence of nature, and savor the refreshing coolness!

1. Yangmingshan - Balaka Road

Balaka Road can be considered the most renowned cooling route in the north! There's not much traffic, and it's neither too steep nor too long. You can even take the subway to Hongshulin Station to start your ride, reducing exposure to the city or riverside's scorching sun. Balaka Road, also known as County Road 101A, is situated in Sanzhi District, New Taipei City. It stretches for approximately 10 kilometers with an average slope of around 6%. The gradient is evenly distributed along the way, making it an excellent place for hill climbing practice.

Xinghua Police Station
Symbolizing the starting point of Balaka Road, enjoy a comfortable ride with natural air conditioning.

After entering County Road 101 from Danshui, you'll need to ride about 6 kilometers. Once you see Xinghua Police Station, you're ready to enter Balaka Road! The police station has a bike station and there's also a convenience store nearby, so cyclists can refill water and air up. Make sure your supplies are sufficient before you set off! Once you enter Balaka Road, you can enjoy the natural air conditioning of Yangmingshan. You'll be surrounded by dense forests almost the entire way, protecting you from the sun. When you see the Erziping Visitor Service Station, it means you've reached the end! For those with extra energy, you can challenge the Datun Mountain Lighthouse Station, but those winding and steep slopes made the author stop on the side of the road and question life!

Erziping Visitor Service Station
Seeing Erziping means you've reached the end, and you can take a break before tackling the Datun Mountain Lighthouse Station.

2. Hidden Gem on the Youth Mountain and Sea Route - Sandiaoling Three Tunnel Trail

First, let's review the article specifically introducing the Sandiaoling Three Tunnel Trail. Before riding here, remember to apply online in advance.

The Sandiaoling Three Tunnel Trail is divided into two parts: the first section is called the "Sanguazi Tunnel," which requires walking and pulling the bike along. When you reach the tunnel entrance, be sure to take a "reflection photo." The scene at the tunnel entrance looks like a natural and perfectly crafted mural.
The second section allows cycling to begin. Please note that the road surface in the tunnel is reinforced, so don't go too fast. If you're lucky, you might see adorable wild bats inside the tunnel! Since the main riding area is inside the tunnel and in the mountainous region, the temperature is relatively cool. If you feel like you haven't had enough fun, besides Sandiaoling, both ends of the Sandiaoling Tunnel lead to Houtong Cat Village and Mudan Old Street. After enjoying the tunnel, it's highly recommended to explore these areas and experience the leisurely pace of life not found in the city. Moreover, there are many train stations nearby, and using the railway can significantly reduce riding under the sun.

Two Railway Lines
Using the two railway lines reduces travel under the scorching sun, making the journey much easier. The tunnel entrance serves as a natural frame and is a must-visit photo spot for cyclists.

If you're unsure about how to follow the routes to avoid the blazing sun, the Bone Bike Phone Mount Set - Compatible with Garmin/Bryton 2.0 is your best companion. It offers high stability and shock protection for your phone, allowing you to confidently use phone navigation even on bumpy roads. Bone also offers other types of phone mounts to meet the preferences and needs of different riders, making riding more convenient and secure for all cyclists!

Bone Patented Tie Connect 2
The Bone Bike Phone Mount Set allows you to ride with peace of mind, using your phone for navigation and recording.

When preparing for a summer cycling route, be sure to ensure you have prior knowledge of the route's difficulty level and weather forecast, as well as the good condition of your bike. Carry enough water and appropriate sun protection measures to ensure a safe and comfortable ride!

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