Can running be a form of charity?! Running is not just for ourselves; participating in charity runs together can make the world a better place!

In recent years, in addition to promoting green and environmentally-friendly practices, many road race organizers have also placed a growing emphasis on giving back to society through charitable efforts. Through the platform of healthy sports, these events encourage people from all walks of life to contribute in their own small ways, collectively making a difference to help vulnerable communities. In this article, we will share four such events in Taiwan that are dedicated to making a positive impact through running, promoting health, and spreading love to various urban and rural areas.

Running is a culture that exudes vitality, health, and love.

Since the popularity of running and marathon events in Taiwan, road races have become more than just a sporting activity. They have evolved into a sports culture that promotes tourism, sightseeing, and charity. On the racecourse, you'll find the sweat of athletes, the cheers of the public, and the shared sense of accomplishment among family and friends. This energy doesn't belong exclusively to the participants and their loved ones but is also a means of passing on love to various communities in need. Currently, in many well-known events, we can see numerous large corporations sponsoring or even organizing races. Charitable activities have become the focal point of these events. By hosting road races, they not only promote public health but also fulfill their corporate social responsibility by giving back to those in need. In this article, we will show you which races allow us to make a difference through our own two feet, benefiting not only our health but also society as a whole!

1.Standard Chartered Taipei Charity Marathon。

The Standard Chartered Marathon, which started in Taiwan in 2013, has grown to become a major corporate sponsor of global marathon events. With years of experience in organizing marathons, the event has received international accreditation from AIMS and WA. It is a classic event eagerly anticipated by elite and recreational runners alike. On the racecourse, you can witness visually impaired participants overcoming their obstacles and enjoying the thrill of racing. The "Standard Chartered Taipei Charity Marathon" encourages participants to make donations, contributing to the cause of supporting the visually impaired and the education and employment dreams of young people with low to moderate incomes. The 2023 Standard Chartered Taipei Charity Marathon is set to take place on November 12th. For those who may have missed registration, don't worry, the 2024 edition is just around the corner, scheduled for February 25th. Registrations are currently open, so join us in making a charitable impact!

Standard Chartered BankTaipei Charity Marathon
A diverse charity marathon event that brings together elite runners, recreational runners, and visually impaired runners (Image/Standard Chartered BankTaipei Charity Marathon).

2.Sun Moon Lake Marathon

Not long ago, the Sun Moon Lake Marathon celebrated its 10th anniversary. It is a marathon that takes place around the internationally renowned Sun Moon Lake, attracting many international runners. With over 6,500 participants, it broke previous records. The marathon continued its tradition of donating 1 New Taiwan Dollar for every kilometer run, resulting in a donation of 165,000 New Taiwan Dollars. This donation was given to the Nantou County Kanu Typhoon Disaster Recovery Fund, aiming to support the post-disaster recovery efforts in Nantou.

Sun Moon Lake Marathon
The Sun Moon Lake Marathon, now in its tenth year, has been striving for charity every year. (Image / Sun Moon Lake Tourism Website).

3.SUNTORY Cross-Generational Charity Run

The SUNTORY Cross-Generational Charity Run, organized by the well-known Japanese wine manufacturer "Suntory," features vibrant visual design and elements of family fun. This event provides a fantastic experience for many newcomers to the running world, including both adults and children. The joyful atmosphere on-site and the delight of enjoying the sport with family members make participants of all ages complete the race with smiles on their faces! In terms of charity, for every 1 kilometer run, Suntory donates 10 yuan to the Horng-Dao Elderly Welfare Foundation. The event venue also features an "Act Boldly for Charity" art board, displaying the total distance covered during the run, simultaneously converted into the total amount donated. This allows everyone to see the charitable impact of each step taken during the run!.

SUNTORY Cross-Generational Charity Run
SUNTORY Charity Run allows adults and children to run together for a charitable cause.

In addition to tracking your accumulated mileage on the art board, don't forget to wear Bone's Tie Connect2. You can use it to run your favorite running app to accumulate your mileage. This not only gives you a sense of accomplishment but also allows you to easily take photos to capture the memories of participating in the event. Tie Connect2 is undoubtedly the perfect companion for your daily running and participation in running events.

Tie Connect2
Put on Bone's Tie Connect 2, and get moving with your smartphone!

Not only in Taiwan but also in running events held all around the world, participants can contribute a small part of their efforts towards charity. Even the world-famous six major marathons follow this trend. If you want to become a world-renowned marathon event, a charity program is a crucial part recognized by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). It is believed that various running events in Taiwan will increasingly emphasize charity programs, attracting more runners from both domestic and international regions to run for a cause, help more people, and make the world a better place.

abbott world marathon majors
Participating in the world's six major marathons is a dream for many runners. It allows them to achieve their personal goals and also contribute to charity efforts to help others.
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