What to Bring When Cycling? Introduction to Equipment for a Worry-Free Bike Journey

Before embarking on a cycling journey, the choice of equipment is crucial. It not only affects the mood of the journey but also ensures safety. Just like checking the wheels before departure, carrying the right equipment is essential to guarantee a pleasant and safe cycling trip. Here are some necessary gears for general leisure riding to ensure a pleasant and safe cycling journey!


A woman looking at her phone

1. Small Change

Ensure you have money for emergencies or taking a taxi in case of unexpected situations. Around 1,000 NTD in small change should be sufficient.

2. ID Card, Health Insurance Card

Be prepared, just in case. Others will know who you are in case of an accident or if you need medical assistance.

3. Mobile Phone

In the modern world, the phone is almost an extension of ourselves. It's useful for Strava navigation, making emergency calls, or even taking pictures along the way.

二、Repair Tools

A man repairing a bicycle

1. Hex Tools

Generally, the most commonly used tool is the hex tool. Depending on the bike model and your needs, you might also need Torx, Phillips, or flathead screwdrivers.

2. Tire Levers

An essential tool in case of a flat tire. It helps easily remove a damaged tire from the wheel rim. Choose levers made of plastic or steel, and make sure the other end can hook onto the tire bead.

3. Pump/CO2 Cartridge

When dealing with a flat tire that requires a tube replacement, a pump is indispensable. Some cyclists prefer carrying disposable CO2 cartridges for faster tire inflation.

4. Patch Kit/Extra Tube

Self-adhesive patches for inner tube repairs are handy and portable. They are effective for minor tire damage. Some cyclists prefer carrying a spare inner tube for a quicker and more efficient fix.

三、Safety Helmet

A man wearing a helmet while riding a bicycle

A helmet is a must-have for body protection. Choose one that is breathable, well-ventilated, offers good impact protection, and fits your head circumference.

四、Bicycle Water Bottle

A man drinking water from a bicycle water bottle

Don't assume that you don't need a water bottle for short rides. Cycling can be very dehydrating. Also, it's better to carry a "bicycle water bottle" instead of a regular bottle to prevent accidents if the bottle falls off and poses a danger to other cyclists.


Bone's bike strap binding a banana
Multi-banding structure that can be attached to the adjacent frame of the bike, suitable for different items

Depending on the length and purpose of the journey, you may need different items such as snacks, a Bluetooth speaker, a windbreaker, or an umbrella. In such cases, you only need Bone's bike strap, which can easily bind different items. It's not only convenient but also made entirely of silicone, preventing scratches on the bike frame or items.

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