【Sports Events】Five Taipei Marathon Fun Facts You Can't Miss When Facing the Taipei Marathon

Being one of Taiwan's premier urban marathon events, the Taipei Marathon enjoys significant renown across Asia. This crucial event, revered by seasoned runners as a pinnacle experience, draws in a multitude of skilled athletes. Nearly 30,000 participants converge every December at Taipei City Hall Square, collectively celebrating the spirit of running. What exactly sets the Taipei Marathon apart and grants it such unique allure? Let's delve into understanding this paramount marathon event in Taiwan!

"The 'Final Exam' for Runners"

For runners in Taiwan, December is both a nervous and highly anticipated month. The Taipei Marathon, known as the "pinnacle experience for runners" and the "final exam for runners," is held annually in December. It's Taiwan's oldest city marathon. Many runners dedicate months of preparation to excel in this incredibly important event. What kind of magic does the Taipei Marathon possess that makes runners take it so seriously? The author aims to share five interesting facts about the Taipei Marathon with fellow enthusiasts, allowing everyone to gain a deeper understanding of this paramount marathon in Taiwan. Who knows, perhaps in the future, everyone might be a part of this pinnacle experience!

1. WA Elite Label

The World Athletics (WA) categorizes major marathons worldwide into three levels: Elite Platinum Label, Elite Label, and Label Race. This label evaluation includes various criteria such as elite athletes, course measurement, medical provisions, environmental considerations, and more. In 2021, the Taipei Marathon achieved the Elite Label status, becoming the only certified city marathon in Taiwan. This recognition has offered overseas runners the opportunity to get acquainted with the Taipei Marathon.

WA Road race elite label
The Taipei Marathon attained the Elite Label in 2021 and is currently striving towards achieving the Platinum Label!

With the accreditation of the Elite Label, achieved results are internationally recognized, motivating many runners to strive for BQ qualification for the Boston Marathon. Beyond just results, this Elite Label symbolizes the integrity of the event, ensuring safety, medical care, environmental concerns, and more along the course. It not only provides elite athletes with the best platform for performance but also allows all citizen runners to confidently enjoy the race.

2. Highest Urban Course Proportion

It's hard to imagine amidst Taipei's bustling streets, a day where cars vanish, and all you see are people running on the roads. As a city marathon, the majority of the course must traverse through urban areas. Unlike other marathons held in Taipei that largely route through riverside parks, the Taipei Marathon sets its finish line within the city center, resulting in the highest proportion of urban course among them. The half marathon, for instance, entirely unfolds within the city. While Taipei's riverside areas are scenic, runners typically relish the opportunity to run through the heart of the city and savor that moment of crossing the finish arch at the Taipei Stadium.

 Experience the beauty of Taipei City
Experience the beauty of Taipei City through the full marathon route on foot!

3. Most Landmarks along the Course

With a high proportion of the course in urban areas, it naturally passes through numerous landmarks. Starting from Taipei City Hall, passing through Ren'ai Road's tree-lined boulevard, runners traverse landmarks like the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, North Gate, Presidential Office, and Martyrs' Shrine. The spectacular cityscape seen from the elevated section of the Eastern Taipei Expressway and the picturesque views of the riverside park from the MacArthur Bridge offer runners, including Taipei locals, a unique perspective of Taipei they might have never seen before.

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 Run Tie Connect 2
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4. Carbon Footprint Certification

Reducing carbon footprint is a global priority today, not just in daily life but also in sporting events. The Taipei Marathon is the world's first marathon event certified by BSI for its carbon footprint. Elements like the finisher's apparel, medals, and the use of paper cups at aid stations have significantly reduced plastic usage. The organizers undergo annual assessments, ensuring a commitment to providing runners with an eco-friendly and healthy event!

 BSI Carbon Footprint Verification Results Press Conference
The BSI Carbon Footprint Certification Press Conference demonstrates the marathon's commitment to environmental conservation!

5. Full Event Live Broadcast

As an international event, live coverage is essential. Marathons, due to their lengthy routes, might have limited on-site visibility. A full event broadcast, along with professional commentators, allows viewers at home to experience the allure of the event. Watching overseas elite athletes showcase their prowess while cheering for beloved domestic athletes creates a shared emotional journey. The broadcast not only covers leading athletes but also sets up a finish line live feed, ensuring every runner's moment of crossing the line is captured from a fixed perspective.

 The live streaming of the Taipei Marathon
The live streaming of the Taipei Marathon on YouTube is particularly special as it showcases elite international athletes running on familiar roads!

The Taipei Marathon for 2023 is set to take place on 12/17, less than a month away. Runners are now in their final training stages, preparing for the upcoming race day. Those heading to the race, give it your all and enjoy the course! For those who didn't secure a spot, be a fantastic cheering squad! Newcomers to running can experience the event's atmosphere near the course. Those watching from home, mark 12/17 on your calendar to tune in to the Taipei Marathon live broadcast. Feel the exhilarating and captivating marathon culture!

 the Taipei Marathon gathers a vibrant crowd of 28,000 runners in front of the city hall.
the Taipei Marathon gathers a vibrant crowd of 28,000 runners in front of the city hall.
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