【Run for Fun Team】2024 New Year's Sunrise Time Revealed! Get Ready for an Unforgettable Sunrise Run Journey!

Time flies! The end of the year has come once again, and as we approach the end of 2023, have you started planning how you'll welcome the New Year with a sunrise run trip? With year-end gatherings in full swing, friends around you are likely beginning to discuss how to embark on the upcoming New Year's holiday and chase the new light of hope. To assist everyone in their plans, Bone Collection has compiled the sunrise times for every county and city in Taiwan for New Year's Day 2024, along with introducing five popular sunrise spots. This way, runners can prepare for their first sunrise run of the year in advance!

As the new year unfolds, why not start it by planning to rise early with friends, welcoming the first sunrise, and breathing in the freshest air? Begin a new journey with a new outlook!


According to recent data from the Central Weather Bureau's astronomical station, on New Year's Day in 2024, the first light will appear at 6:34:11 AM at Cape Eluanbi in Pingtung and at 6:34:38 AM at Sanxiantai in Taitung. Apart from these two locations, when will the first light of dawn arrive in each county and city? Take note of the sunrise times in different locations, and make new year resolutions under the first light of dawn, running towards 2024 together!

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Taipei City: 06:38 AM
New Taipei City: 06:39 AM
Taoyuan City: 06:41 AM
Hsinchu City: 06:41 AM
Hsinchu County: 06:40 AM
Miaoli County: 06:41 AM
Taichung City: 06:40 AM
Changhua County: 06:40 AM
Nantou County: 06:39 AM
Yunlin County: 06:40 AM
Chiayi City: 06:40 AM
Chiayi County: 06:40 AM
Tainan City: 06:40 AM
Kaohsiung City: 06:39 AM
Pingtung County: 06:38 AM
Yilan County: 06:37 AM
Hualien County: 06:36 AM
Taitung County: 06:36 AM
Penghu County: 06:44 AM
Kinmen County: 06:50 AM
Lienchiang County: 06:48 AM

In addition to the sunrise times provided by the Central Weather Bureau's astronomical station for each county and city, if you want to check the sunrise time for a specific area, you can also visit the Taipei Astronomical Museum's "2024 New Year's Dawn Map" to chase the dawn! Simply enter the area keyword intuitively or use the map to select the observation point, and you can automatically search for the precise sunrise time, allowing you to grasp the first light of hope for the new year on time.

Sunrise Inquiry Tool - 2024 New Year's Dawn Map (Photo Credit: Taipei Astronomical Museum)

Chase the Most Beautiful Dawn of 2024 New Year | Recommend Five Popular Sunrise Spots, Run and Dash into the New Year!


#1 Recommended Keelung | Run Towards the Sunrise at Waimushan Coastal Scenic Area

Estimated Sunrise Time for 2024: 06:37:33 AM
Running Route: Waimushan Fishing Port (Parking Lot) <> Waimushan Coastal Boulevard <> Dawulun Aodih Fishing Port (Parking Lot)
Elevation: 36 meters | One-way approximately 3.5 kilometers, round trip 7 kilometers
Difficulty: ●○○○○ | Round trip takes about 40-50 minutes


The sea always brings a sense of expansiveness to the mind and body. As the new year begins, how would it feel to run towards the first light of dawn with the vast ocean and sky as the backdrop?

As one of the popular locations for sunrise beauty in Northern Taiwan, Waimushan Coast is the longest natural coastal boulevard remaining in the Keelung City area. Whether starting the run from Dawulun Aodih Fishing Port or Waimushan Fishing Port, the one-way running route is approximately 3.5 kilometers, with parking lots at both ends for flexible route planning. There are public restrooms along the way, and pavilions for resting and enjoying the scenery. This area is a popular outdoor destination for swimming, jogging, hiking, and sea-watching among people in the northern region.

Especially in the bay of Dawulun, with its magnificent geological formations of islands and reefs, you can also enjoy the breathtaking sunrise view as the sun rises above the horizon. Running this scenic route on New Year's Day allows you to feel a sense of hope as you run, transitioning from the cool blue tones of the night to the beautiful starting point illuminated by the dawn, adding a touch of brilliance to the beginning of the whole year.

#2 Recommended Taipei | Sunrise Run to the Main Peak of Qixing Mountain, Yangmingshan

Estimated Sunrise Time for 2024: 06:33:45 AM
Running Route 1: Siaoyoukeng (Parking Lot) <> Main Peak of Qixing Mountain | One-way approximately 1.6 kilometers, round trip 3.2 kilometers
Running Route 2: Lengshuikeng (Parking Lot) <> East Peak of Qixing Mountain <> Main Peak of Qixing Mountain | One-way approximately 2.2 kilometers, round trip 3.2 kilometers
Elevation: 1,120 meters
Difficulty: ●●●○○ | Round trip from Siaoyoukeng takes about 60 minutes, round trip from Lengshuikeng takes about 80 minutes


If you don't want to welcome the dawn only on flat ground, you can plan a high-altitude sunrise-chasing trip. One of the best places in northern Taiwan to climb a mountain for sunrise is the main peak of Qixing Mountain, the highest peak in Taipei City! There are four routes (Siaoyoukeng, Lengshuikeng, Miaopu, and Dream Lake) to climb to the main peak of Qixing Mountain. If you want to reach the triangulation point of Qixing Mountain quickly, you can choose the shortest route starting from Siaoyoukeng.

Starting from the Siaoyoukeng parking lot, the route ascends straight through the sulfur area. As you climb, the field of vision becomes wider, and when you reach higher ground, you can overlook the panoramic view of the Taipei City basin in 360 degrees. The main peak has a wooden signpost that is a popular photo spot. You can take in the whole panoramic view of the Datun Mountain, and find a suitable resting place to wait for the arrival of the sunrise.

Natural scenery of Siaoyoukeng (Photo Credit: @joeinwoo 李小龍)

On a clear day, you can also see the scenery of the North Coast and settlements. If you have time after enjoying the sunrise, you can continue towards the East Peak of Qixing Mountain or Lengshuikeng, experiencing the scenery of the broad-leaved forest. After passing the East Peak, you can also choose to detour to the nearby Dream Lake, which is 0.4 kilometers away. Enjoy the lake view wetland and the sounds of frogs and birds in the ecological system. Take this opportunity to accumulate mental energy and continue walking down towards the Lengshuikeng parking lot. While descending, you can enjoy the layered and interwoven scenery of the mountain mist, feeling the broadness of your heart and welcoming the refreshing feeling of the first day of 2024.

#3 Recommended Taichung | Sunrise Run on the Daking Mountain Trail

Estimated Sunrise Time for 2024: 06:38:46 AM
Running Route 1: (Parking Lot) → Daking Mountain Trails 9 & 9-1 & 10 → 6 & 7 → Wind-Moving Stone | Elevation 360 meters
Difficulty: ●○○○○ | Round trip approximately 1 hour (Route 9, suitable for running)
Running Route 2: (Parking Lot) → Daking Mountain Trails 1-5 → Head of Houli Mountain | Elevation 859 meters
Difficulty: ●●●○○ | Round trip approximately 3 hours (Wooden plank trail, less suitable for running)

If you are in Taichung and don't want to run too far, you can choose the popular outdoor sports destination "Daking Scenic Area" in Taichung City to enjoy the sunrise. Daking has 12 mountain trails with different levels of difficulty. You can plan a sunrise-watching route based on your physical strength. Trails 1 to 5 are mostly wooden plank trails, and all trails can lead to the mountaintop.

Wooden plank trail (Photo Credit: @joeinwoo 李小龍)

The location on the mountain ridge provides an excellent view. The mountaintop is the peak of the "Head of Houli Mountain," which is 859 meters above sea level. You can overlook the Taichung City area. On clear days, you can see as far as XinShe District and Dadu Mountain Plateau. There are also many pavilions on the mountaintop where you can have hot tea and chat, making it a suitable resting place before welcoming the sunrise.

Head of Houli Mountain, Taichung (Photo Credit: @joeinwoo 李小龍)

If you want to easily welcome the sunrise on the first day of the new year, you can consider the more runnable Daking Trail 9. This trail is often surrounded by a lively farmer's market. About 80% of this trail is made of cement or asphalt, making it more runnable. The mountaintop is the Wind-Moving Stone Park, and you need to connect to Trail 6 or 7 to reach the mountaintop. The elevation is about 360 meters. On the mountaintop's ridge, there is a giant stone called the Wind-Moving Rock. It is said that when the wind blows, it creates a whistling sound in the cracks of the stone, hence the name Wind-Moving Rock.

#4 Recommended Nantou | Sunrise Run on the North Peak of Hehuan Mountain

Estimated Sunrise Time for 2024: 06:29:07 AM
Running Route: Xiaofengkou Second Parking Lot<>North Peak of Hehuan Mountain
Difficulty: ●○○○○ | Round trip approximately 1 hour (Route 9, suitable for running)
Elevation: 3,422 meters | One way approximately 2.4 kilometers, round trip 4.8 kilometers
Difficulty: ●●●○○ | Round trip approximately 4 hours

Looking down from a high place is always refreshing. For running enthusiasts who want to challenge themselves by welcoming the sunrise from a high mountain, I highly recommend the Hehuan Mountain North Peak Sunrise Run! The North Peak of Hehuan is the highest peak in the Hehuan Mountain Range and one of the easily accessible high mountains in Taiwan. With an elevation of 3,422 meters, the mountaintop provides an excellent location to observe the sunrise. I recommend starting the run from the trailhead near the Xiaofengkou parking lot. The first kilometer of the route has a steep slope, but the ascent becomes gentler in the later part of the route.

When you see a giant radio reflection plate from a distance on the ridge, it means you are approaching the mountaintop. As you pass the signboard, the view becomes increasingly expansive. If you are lucky, you might encounter a stunning scene at the mountaintop with rolling clouds and the first light of dawn. This breathtaking view will undoubtedly make your first day of the year unforgettable, fulfilling the hope for the entire year.

Hehuan Mountain Panoramic View with Cloud Sea (Photo Credit: Taiwan Tourism Information Open Data)

#5 Recommended Chiayi | Sunrise Run in Meishan Dajianshan Tea Plantation

Estimated Sunrise Time for 2024: 06:34:02 AM
Running Route: Longxing Temple (Parking Lot)<>Erjian Mountain Trail<>Erjian Mountain Triangulation Point (Leisure Tea Plantation)<>Dajianshan
Elevation: 1,305 meters | One way approximately 1.9 kilometers, round trip 3.8 kilometers
Difficulty: ●○○○○ | Round trip approximately 1.5 hours


If you want to go out with older family members to welcome the sunrise, you can choose the Dajianshan Mountain trip in Meishan Township, Chiayi. The trail is not too challenging, and I recommend starting the ascent from the Longxing Temple trailhead to Dajianshan and back. There are plenty of parking spaces near Longxing Temple, with an industry road on the right and the Erjian Mountain Trail on the left. After a minute of climbing, you'll immediately see a large platform pavilion where you can enjoy the continuous mountain sunrise scenery of Meishan.

Cloud-Jia Five Peaks Trail (Photo Credit: @joeinwoo 李小龍)

Further up, there are well-maintained staircase boardwalks on the trail. On the right side, there is a lush green tea plantation. Looking back, you can enjoy the layered mountain scenery. The tea plantation looks like a rolling green carpet, creating a beautiful scene. Continuing upward, you will pass through a bamboo forest area and reach the Erjian Mountain at an elevation of 1,274 meters. There is a leisure tea plantation near Erjian Mountain, and there is a parking lot accessible by car on the adjacent industry road.

Erjian Mountain Trail Tea Plantation (Photo Credit: @joeinwoo 李小龍)

After reaching Erjian Mountain, you can continue along the ridge trail to the 1,305-meter high Dajianshan. The trail along the mountain ridge provides an open view, surrounded by mountains, making it an excellent scenic trail for welcoming the sunrise on the first day of the new year. If you want to run a bit on the return journey, you can enjoy running on the industry road.

Dajianshan Mountain Range (Photo Credit: @joeinwoo 李小龍)

What to Prepare for Chasing the First Sunrise of 2024 | Must-Have Lightweight Gear for Sunrise Running Team

Admiring the sunrise on the first day of the new year often involves planning a small mountain climbing journey. In addition to the usual running gear, it is recommended to bring some lightweight mountaineering and off-road equipment to make the sunrise-chasing trip more comfortable. Here are the "Three Essentials" you should prepare to welcome the sunrise-chasing journey in 2024!

1. Essential Lightweight Gear

When welcoming the sunrise on the mountain, the temperature is usually much lower. You should wear a rainproof and windproof jacket (Gore-TEX lightweight jacket) on the upper body, and wear a moisture-wicking shirt inside. It's best to use the layering technique for easy control of dressing and undressing. For the lower body, you can wear warm pants, and socks are also crucial. Five-toe socks are recommended for mountain climbing, as they are suitable for protecting toes and providing a bit of compression.


Most importantly, you need a pair of sports shoes with strong grip! Mountain trails are more rugged than flat roads, especially at night, and climbing can easily become slippery due to dew, requiring shoes with a sole that has a good grip and textured feel.

(Photo Credit: @joeinwoo 李小龍

2. Necessary Comfort Accessories

For those who don't often engage in mountain activities, they tend to overlook essential items for uphill journeys. These include a headlamp, anti-slip gloves, a cold-resistant headband, a sports waistband, and a simple backpack or hydration pack.

Bone RunTie Belt, a lightweight waistband for carrying supplies

The nighttime mountain climate is unpredictable. Wearing a UV magic headband can help regulate body temperature, keeping you warm in cold weather and aiding in heat dissipation and sweating in hot weather.

Bone RunTie 2, a high-comfort UV magic headband

3. Essential Energy Supplements

If you're expecting to engage in several hours of physical activity, especially in a mountain climbing journey, energy will be consumed more rapidly than on flat terrain. It's crucial to replenish energy during the process. Water, electrolyte solutions, and energy bars are the most popular supplements because they are lightweight and can quickly replenish electrolytes lost during exercise.


If you want something with more "flavor," you can prepare small, slim packs of jerky for a tasty option. Bringing a rice ball to enjoy the visual feast of the sunrise on the mountaintop is also a great idea. With a satisfied stomach, it's a complete and delightful experience!

Sunrise running team, a year full of joy and contentment! (Photo Credit: @joeinwoo 李小龍)
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