[2024 Spring Running Thread] Five reasons why we said we wouldn't run intensity, but we're still going to run!

How do you plan to spend this year's Spring Festival? For those addicted to running, the Lunar New Year often brings a mix of excitement and frustration. The long holiday can disrupt the hard-earned habit of daily running. Instead of feeling troubled, consider a change in mindset. After all, it's not New Year's every day. On days with less running, consider it a mental exercise. I recommend that during the Spring Festival, reduce the intensity of your run, but still find reasons to run. Here are five compelling reasons to keep up with your running routine during the Lunar New Year, and you can even invite friends and family to join in the celebration.

The Lunar New Year is a significant festival in many East Asian countries, offering an extended holiday break for family reunions or international travel. However, for runners, the annual arrival of the Lunar New Year brings a unique blend of love and frustration. Missing a day of running feels odd, two days without running makes the whole body uncomfortable, and a week without running feels like losing all the progress in training!


In 2024, the Lunar New Year holiday in Taiwan is only seven days long, from February 8th to February 14th. Though it's just a week, many runners may start worrying about their cardiovascular fitness and whether their hard-earned aerobic capacity will decline. Will the speed they've worked so hard to improve need to be reset and retrained? During the Spring Festival, as everyone returns to their hometowns, the absence of usual running buddies may lead to a lack of motivation. For those spending the second day of the Lunar New Year with their wives' families in an unfamiliar environment, the question arises – where should they go for a run?

#1 Explore New Running Routes

Discover new places, make new friends!

Recharge your inner energy during the holiday! Have you ever spotted places on social media that you'd love to visit but seem a bit out of reach? Take advantage of your trip back home or accompanying your wife to her family's home during the Lunar New Year to become a running explorer. Explore those hidden running spots, get to know new environments and routes step by step. You might uncover memorable spots and enjoy unseen scenery along the way, injecting fresh energy into your life.

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During your running adventures, you might meet fellow passionate runners. Join local running communities or events to connect with other enthusiasts, make new friends, and expand your social circle. Enthusiastic running buddies can also recommend exciting running routes and delicious local food.

#2 Indulge in Lunar New Year Feasts

Enjoy festive feasts without worrying about your shape!

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It's hard to resist Lunar New Year feasts filled with fish and meat. So why resist? It's a once-a-year celebration, and it's okay to indulge. Take pleasure in the delicious food and quality time with family. Just rise a bit earlier the next day to keep up with your running routine, ensuring you maintain your shape during the Lunar New Year festivities!

If you're short on time for outdoor running, opt for a shorter run and then come back to do several sets of TABATA high-intensity interval training to burn fat. Drink plenty of water to boost metabolism and offset the calorie intake from the previous night's feast, immediately eliminating any lingering calories.

#3 Embrace New Challenges

Be open to trying new routes!

Routine running routes are fine for regular training, but since you're in different cities or towns during the Lunar New Year, take the chance to explore new places and embrace the fresh challenges they bring. They say, "Change of place, change of mindset." During the holidays, our willingness to try new things is higher. Without the usual intensity and schedule constraints, explore the classic running routes recommended by locals.

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⨀ Try a new route: Taipei Fengguizui — A challenging route with uphill and downhill stretches, completing it brings a sense of accomplishment.

⨀ Try a new route: Taichung Tan Ya Shen Greenway — Enjoy the serene greenway with rural scenery, perfect for finding inner peace.

(Taichung Tan Ya Shen Greenway - A popular running spot for Taichung residents on holidays, Photo Credit:Taichung Tourism)

⨀ Try a new route: Taichung Blue Highway — Experience the undulating hills and breathtaking views of mountains and seas, a must-try for its scenic beauty.

⨀ Try a new route: Changhua 139 County Road — Explore Changhua's famous road, ideal for LSD training amidst scenic views and weekend cyclists.

⨀ Try a new route: Kaohsiung Dao Xiang Avenue — A favorite among Kaohsiung runners, convenient location near the MRT station, straight route for morning and night runs, perfect for meeting new running buddies.

#4 Run with Hometown Folks

From streets to alleys, flaunt your running charm

During the Lunar New Year, when you return home, you're bound to meet relatives and neighbors you haven't seen in a while. Besides catching up, running in your hometown lets you share the running habit with more people, fostering a sense of community and accomplishment.

Each intersection holds nostalgic memories, and running through them allows for chats with neighbors, bringing distant relatives closer. Running showcases discipline and health, while sharing the joy of running with hometown folks.

#5 Fill Up with New Energy

Start the year fresh with a run!

The Lunar New Year marks a new beginning. Running during this time jumpstarts the year, symbolizing hope and renewal. Every step signifies bidding farewell to the past and embracing the future. Running isn't just about sweating; it's about igniting a positive journey throughout the year.

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Spring Festival Running Essentials

Run stylishly and swiftly with the auspicious dragon!

"Style while running is cooler than speed." Embrace the new year with new running gear, whether you're a pro, newbie, or fashion enthusiast. Look stylish and run fast to achieve more this year.

#1 Red Vibes! Opt for Red Gear this New Year

Wearing red during regular runs might feel awkward, but during the festive season, sporting vibrant red colors can highlight the energy of running, making your run feel more lively. If red running clothes feel too bold, consider adding red accessories for visual appeal.

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#2 Keep it Easy! Run with Unrestricted Arm Bands

During the Lunar New Year, explore popular running routes. Make the most of every opportunity to explore new territories. Bring your phone along to capture exciting moments. Use a "running phone armband" to secure your phone while running, eliminating the hassle of holding it and preventing the risk of dropping it due to sweaty hands. It allows easy access to your phone when needed, whether for replying to messages or snapping photos. Having a phone armband ensures smooth running all year round!

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We promised to not just have a good year, but also to DRAGON-RUN all year round!

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