Running and want to bring your phone along but dislike armbands and waist packs? You still have this great option!

Some runners find that using a running waist pack or an armband isn't their preferred way of carrying their phone, so they continue to hold it in their hand while running. Let's take a look at some creative solutions designed for those who enjoy holding their phone while running.

Not a Fan of Armbands or Waist Packs? Here's What You Can Do

With many marathons taking place this December, some postponed and some regular events, which one did you sign up for? When running, do you often worry about how to carry your not-so-small phone?

Many people like to use their phones as a helpful tool while running, utilizing apps to track their pace and distance. However, some runners still find that running waist packs or armbands are not their preferred methods of carrying their phones, so they continue to hold their phones while running.

跑步如何帶手機, 跑步手機怎麼辦
Many runners prefer holding their phone while running for easy access to information.

However, holding your phone in your hand may lead to:

- Difficulty warming up properly - Muscles in your forearm being tenser than your thigh muscles while running - Dropping and breaking your phone while trying to take a big step - Your phone becoming sweaty and slippery in your hand, affecting your grip - Wishing for a third hand to hold a water bottle when you need a break - Dealing with shoelaces coming undone and trying to hold the phone under your arm, risking a tragedy

There's always the risk of clumsiness leading to phone damage. Today, let's introduce a phone grip designed for runners who prefer holding their phones – the Run Tie Handheld 2. With it, you won't need to:

- "Focus on gripping while running" - "Master the technique of holding the phone under your arm" - "Temporarily clip your phone to your waistband when you need both hands"

Introducing the Run Tie Handheld 2

During a road race, many friends were seen preferring to hold their phones while running, rather than using armbands or sports waist packs. Some runners did it to keep track of mileage and pace, while others wanted to be ready for impromptu photos. Inspired by this, Bone's design director, Reads, developed the Run Tie Handheld, hoping to provide more options for carrying phones while running.

The Run Tie Handheld 2 is an improvement based on feedback from runners who used the first generation. Let's now get to know the Run Tie Handheld 2 together!

The Run Tie Handheld 2 is designed specifically for those who prefer holding their phone while running.

Universal Compatibility with Various Phone Brands and Models: Unobstructed Camera Lens and Face ID
Unique Lanyard Structure + Asymmetrical Design

Many sports phone accessories are often limited to specific phone brands and models. When you change your phone, you end up having to replace your sports accessories too. Not only does this burn a hole in your pocket, but it's also not environmentally friendly. The Run Tie Handheld 2 adopts a lanyard design that makes it compatible with phones of various brands with screen sizes ranging from 4.7 to 7.2 inches!

Furthermore, the lanyards are attached to the four corners of the phone, ensuring that they don't obstruct the functionality of the Face ID and fingerprint recognition. To make sure runners can take photos along the way, the lanyards are asymmetrically positioned, avoiding any obstruction of the phone's camera whether it's located slightly above or at the center of the top.

This maximizes utility, not only being environmentally friendly but also putting a halt to the slimming of your wallet that usually happens when you switch phones.

The lanyard structure design ensures that your phone brand is not restricted, allowing easy use for checking messages and taking photos.

No More Worries About Dropping Your Phone: Grip Strap Design

One of the greatest worries when running is accidentally dropping your phone and shattering it.

The grip strap design of the Run Tie Handheld 2 not only adds an extra layer of protection for your grip but also makes holding the phone feel lighter. Sweating while holding the phone is a common concern while running, so the inner side of the grip strap is designed with sweat grooves to enhance heat dissipation and comfort.

The grip strap design provides extra security and ease of use for runners who hold their phones.

Free Up Your Hands for Warming Up, Hydration, and Tying Shoelaces: Wrist Strap Option

Warming up requires getting your whole body warmed up, and holding a phone can be quite restricting. When you need to hydrate or tie shoelaces, you inevitably need both hands, but if one hand is occupied with holding the phone, it can disrupt your movements and even lead to dropping the phone accidentally. Some people might wedge it under their armpit or temporarily secure it to the waistband, but you don't have to go through all that trouble.

The Run Tie Handheld 2 is designed with a wrist strap option. You can secure the phone to your wrist or forearm when you need both hands, ensuring smooth and fluid movements.

Whether it's warming up, hydrating, or tying shoelaces, the Run Tie Handheld 2 makes it easy and comfortable.

Fits All Hand Sizes: Adjustable Grip Strap

One of the differences between the Run Tie Handheld 2 and its 1st generation predecessor is that the grip strap is adjustable. This allows you to choose a size that fits your hand circumference.

With an applicable hand circumference of approximately 11 - 23 cm, it's suitable for people with both large and small hands, regardless of age or gender. You can use it by holding or strapping it to your wrist or forearm – it's all good! This ensures that everyone can enjoy their runs with ease.

The Run Tie Handheld 2 features an adjustable grip strap design, suitable for all hand sizes.

No Residual Dirt: Fully Washable

Sweating during a run is a refreshing feeling, but if your sports accessories end up sticky and odorous due to sweat, you'll be less inclined to use them in the long run. To prevent this, the Run Tie Handheld 2 is crafted from eco-friendly silicone material that can be washed with water, ensuring that it remains clean and fresh. No need to worry about lingering sweat smells or dust.

The Run Tie Handheld 2 series is fully washable, ensuring no sweat odor or residue.

The above is an introduction to the Run Tie Handheld 2. If you want to learn more about it, click here! The Run Tie Handheld 2 is a creative accessory designed for runners who enjoy holding their phones while running.

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