Sustainable, innovative and environment-friendly design - HornStand smartphone acoustic sound amplifier

The universal HornStandsmartphone acoustic sound amplifier effectively boosts the volume of the mobile phone using the principle of reflection. Without a circuit board or power source, it can increase the phone speaker's volume by 13 dB. The universal design makes it compatible with most phones of different brands and sizes.

Sustainable, innovative and environment-friendly design

HornStandsmartphone acoustic sound amplifier

Design makes life better and more convenient. The R&D and design team is constantly exploring innovative ideas, creating new products, and improving people's lives.

However, resources from the earth are depleted during the production process.  When the product life cycle ends, it will be eventually discarded.  The tools and molds that were utilized to make the product will be no longer in use.  Although new products bring us convenience, the production process also causes resource waste and environmental degradation when the products are thrown away.

Continuous innovation should be environment-friendly while making life easier.

The development of HornStand smartphone acoustic sound amplifier

Bone.In 2010, Bone introduced the HornStand smartphone acoustic sound amplifier, which uses the principle of reflection to boost the volume of the iPhone 4. The sound from the phone speaker is boosted by 13 decibels simply by making creative use of physical principles, without the need for circuitry or electricity. This environment-friendly design has won four international design awards: IF, Red dot, Design Plus and Design Innovation.

HornStand won four international awards including IF, Red dot, Design Plus, and Design Innovation in 2011

With the launch of new iPhones and tablets, we also launch various HornStand acoustic sound amplifiers every year.

HornStand story
Product design history of Horn stand

Acoustic sound amplifier on bike

In 2011, the concept of HornStandacoustic sound amplifier went further that could be applied to bike use. Stainless steel and elastic straps fix the mobile phone on the handlebar, and amplify the music volume of the mobile phone, so that the riders can make full use of the functions of the mobile phone when riding a bicycle, such as navigation, listening to music and recording the journey, etc., enriching the experience of cycling.

Horn Bike
Horn Bike acoustic sound amplifier

The Horn Bike acoustic sound amplifier can be attached to the bicycle which greatly enhances the fun of cycling. The two aforementioned products were only compatible with iPhone 4. They did not fit other mobile phones.

In 2016, we designed the Bike Tie using the concept of universal design. "Bike Tie", 1. The universal straps on the back are compatible with different sizes of bicycle handlebars.
2. The universal straps on the front are compatible with mobile phones of different sizes and brands.

Bike Tie using the concept of universal design.

Bike Tie is compatible with most smartphones. Whether it is Apple's ios system iPhone, or mobile phones of various brands developed on Google's Android system, such as Samsung, SONY, Xiaomi, OPPO, VIVO and other mobile phones. Bike riders can use various cycling apps such as STRIVA, Relive, Velodash while cycling easily.

We reached more customers who used different mobile phone models thanks to the universal design of Bike Tie, which also speeded up the market opening for bicycle mobile phone accessories and enabled us to achieve fantastic results. Our designers saw the needs of users, thus explored more ideas and designed products that made it easier for bike riders to use mobile phones while cycling.

Design evolution of "universal design" for bike tie

Combining Horn Stand with Universal Design

The HornStandsmartphone acoustic sound amplifier launched in 2010 was welcomed by the public and won many awards. Its most unique feature, in addition to its compact, adorable shape and practical use, was environmental- friendly. It amplified sound without consuming any power.

The idea of "universal design" was later adopted when it was expanded to bike tie, making it compatible with the majority of smartphones.

Universal design has many benefits for brands. It can streamline processes and lower energy use in production and delivery, whether it's creating molds, prepping materials for production, or delivering to retail. The most significant eco-friendly idea underlying it is this.

HornStand smartphone acoustic sound amplifier (2010)

We have improved the legendary HornStandsmartphone acoustic sound amplifier over the past 12 years. In order to make the Universal HornStandsmartphone acoustic sound amplifier compatible with more mobile phones of different brands and sizes, we adopted the principle of "universal design."

HornStand smartphone acoustic sound amplifier (2022)

We designed the speaker hole on the right side of the HornStandsmartphone acoustic sound amplifier because the majority of mobile phone speakers are designed at the bottom right. After entering the reflection cavity, the sound from the mobile phone speaker is reflected, increasing the sound volume through a physical principle. The majority of mobile phones can be used with this design.

Re-evolve of the "universal design" of the HornStandsmartphone acoustic sound amplifier

The elastic band can hold the mobile phone firmly regardless of the size and becomes a mobile phone speaker to amplify the volume.

Compatible with most speakers of different smartphones

The 2022 universal HornStandsmartphone acoustic sound amplifier maintains the features of being used upright and horizontally and can also be charged while in use.

Can be charged while in use

Eco-friendly, practical and innovative design

Although it doesn't have the sound effects of premium speakers, it's a very eco-friendly design. 1.Amplify the sound of your phone without using electricity. 2. Universal design is compatible with different mobile phones (can still be used when you buy a new mobile phone). 3. Lightweight, easy to carry (bedroom, picnic, office, sports...). 4. Reduce the loss of resources during the production process, transportation and stocking inventory. Creative design promotes environmental protection.

Easy to use in different occasions

Bone has been designing creative products since 2005. We use silicone, an environmentally friendly material, because it can be decomposed naturally in the soil at room temperature, does not contain harmful substances, and is friendly to the earth. Designing "good-looking and easy-to-use" products is the designer's core task. Under the premise of being good-looking and easy to use, we also infuse it with some innovative ideas, such as: A. Apply the physics of reflection to amplify sound without using power and a circuit board. B. Universal design makes it compatible with most smartphones. C. Unified production of molds and equipment to reduce energy consumption during production. D. Applicable to different smartphones models and prolong the service life of the product.

These creative concepts may not be able to meet all needs perfectly because they are applicable to many different objects. However, since they are compatible with most smartphones which increases usage scenarios, allowing more people to use and realize the concept of universal design.

Reflecting on the digital and globalized lifestyle, although different products make life more convenient, it also causes many problems such as resource consumption and environmental pollution. Water and soil pollution, PM2.5 air pollution, extreme cold and hot climates are occurring more and more frequently.

For more than a decade, Bone has been using valuable Earth resources to produce products. As designers and creators, what can we do for the planet?

Let's answer this question with "creativity and perseverance".

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