Is your phone always scratched and difficult to protect? Here are 3 essential phone accessories that not only offer protection but also have other handy uses!

In our work communication, daily life, entertainment, and even learning, our phones have become indispensable companions. However, frequent use inevitably increases the risk of damage, especially from drops. Are you looking for amazing tips to protect your phone? Here are three different phone protection products that not only reduce the risk of damage but also have other unexpected uses!

Why Do Some People Always Drop Their Phones?

Some people seem to have a "phone guardian angel," and their phones always remain intact, while others' phones are constantly covered in scratches and cracks. Why is this? The main reasons can be attributed to three aspects: differences in risk awareness, the impact of usage habits, and variations in living environments.

• Differences in Risk Awareness: Some people are more cautious and use various phone protection accessories, paying extra attention when using their phones.

• Impact of Usage Habits: Certain habits can increase the likelihood of dropping a phone, such as using it one-handed or while multitasking.

• Living Environment: People who work or live in environments requiring frequent movement or outdoor activities are naturally at a higher risk of dropping their phones compared to those who spend most of their time in an office or at home.

When your phone screen shatters, it’s not just the screen but also your heart that breaks
(Image Source: Ashkan Forouzani on Unsplash)

Why You Shouldn’t Be Complacent If Your Screen Isn’t Cracked! 3 Major Risks of Dropping Your Phone

When we accidentally drop our phones and anxiously pick them up to check, our first concern is usually whether the screen is cracked. However, even if the screen is intact, the phone’s internal components might have sustained irreversible damage.

1. Risk One: Internal Component Damage

The inside of a phone is filled with delicate electronic components. A single unfortunate drop can damage these components, affecting the phone’s normal functions.

2. Risk Two: Loss of Water and Dust Resistance

Many modern phones have a certain degree of water and dust resistance, but this relies on the integrity of the phone’s seals. If the outer shell cracks, the water resistance is significantly compromised.

3. Risk Three: Internal Screen Delamination

Most phone screens are connected to the motherboard via wire connectors. A hard drop can cause these connectors to loosen or become misaligned, resulting in intermittent touch responsiveness or requiring harder presses to function.

The internal components of a phone are like the organs of a human body; they can't withstand too much impact.
A shattered phone screen breaks not just the screen but also the owner's heart (Image Source: Ashkan Forouzani on Unsplash)

Must-Have Phone Accessory Two: Composite Phone Screen Protector

Phone screen protectors on the market are typically made from plastic, glass, or sapphire. However, a new composite plastic screen protector, crafted with advanced material technology, surpasses traditional glass and standard scratch-resistant PET protectors.

Its special manufacturing process allows the tough plastic material to be formed into 3D curved edges, a technical challenge in plastic products. This screen protector is not only durable and resilient, effectively resisting scratches and impacts, but also has anti-fingerprint properties, keeping your screen clear and pristine for a long time.

With an added phone grip, there's no more worrying about dropping your phone.
With an added phone grip, there's no more worrying about dropping your phone. (Image Source: Amazon)

Must-Have Phone Accessory Three: Crossbody / Lanyard Phone Tether Tab

Bone's new Crossbody / Lanyard Phone Tether Tab is a stylish and functional product designed to free your hands, making your daily life more convenient and worry-free.

This phone clip is made of high-strength TPU material, lightweight yet sturdy, and compatible with most iOS and Android phone cases. Its unique no-metal ring buckle design ensures that it won’t scratch your phone or phone case.

Moreover, the strap has good elasticity, effectively distributing the phone’s weight and reducing shoulder strain, making it comfortable to use your phone whether commuting, traveling, or just going about your daily activities. No more worrying about dropping your phone or losing it!

Bone also offers interchangeable buttons, allowing you to customize your look and create your own style based on your mood!

With Bone's Crossbody / Lanyard Phone Tether Tab, never worry about your phone escaping from your side again!
With Bone's Crossbody / Lanyard Phone Tether Tab, never worry about your phone escaping from your side again!
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