Now Visa-Free! A Great Choice for Winter Escapes - Exploring Famous Attractions in Bangkok, Thailand

The Thai government announced that from November 10, 2023, to May 10, 2024, Taiwanese citizens can enter Thailand visa-free. With your passport and ticket ready, you can easily fly to Thailand to escape the winter, which is great news for Taiwanese people.

When it comes to Thailand, Bangkok is undoubtedly a paradise for shopping enthusiasts. Let's take a look at some of the popular tourist attractions in Bangkok together!

Safari World

Safari World is a highly popular attraction in Bangkok, located just a short distance from the city center. Whether you're traveling with family or a group, it's recommended to book a charter car for convenience and easy access. The park is divided into two main sections: the "Safari Park" and the "Marine Park." The Safari Park resembles a mini African savannah, allowing visitors to tour the area by car and observe wildlife in their natural habitat. The other section features various animal exhibits, shows, and interactive experiences. Safari World is known for having the largest population of giraffes in a zoo, where visitors can feed them and enjoy up-close encounters. Additionally, popular activities include bottle-feeding tiger cubs and close encounters with orangutans, which are available for an additional fee.

Safari World
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Bone's Reminder: It's recommended to book a charter car online in advance. In addition to the admission ticket, extra charges apply for activities like animal interactions and feeding.

Wat Benchamabophit

Wat Benchamabophit, also known as the Marble Temple, is a renowned attraction in Thailand. Its pristine white architecture, a century-old legacy, draws visitors to admire its beauty up close. The temple features the largest ordination hall in Thailand, adorned with colorful ceramic decorations and intricate carvings, presenting a magnificent and splendid appearance. Traveling by boat is recommended for convenient access and to avoid Bangkok's congested roads. Boat fares are affordable, and it's an excellent way to explore other nearby attractions!

It's currently trendy to wear traditional Thai clothing, known as "Thai dress," when visiting Wat Benchamabophit. Many shops also offer services with accompanying photographers. If you have such a request, remember to book in advance to avoid long waiting times.

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Bone's Reminder: Most temples in Thailand have dress codes, and if you don't comply, you may be denied entry! Prohibited clothing includes shorts, skirts, tank tops, sleeveless shirts, and flip-flops, among others. Rental shops are available on-site, so be sure to pay close attention.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

When it comes to shopping at markets, Chatuchak Weekend Market is undoubtedly a top choice for many. It's certified by the Guinness World Records as the largest weekend market in the world, covering an astonishingly vast area. With over 15,000 stalls, it offers everything from food to clothing, making it a treasure trove for visitors. Besides its diverse range of products, the market is also known for its affordable prices, attracting large crowds of people looking for bargains. With such variety and value, you can easily spend the whole day here without seeing everything!

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Bone's Reminder: Chatuchak Market operates from Wednesday to Sunday, 08:00 to 18:00 (primarily on weekends), so don't get your hopes up if you plan to visit on other days!

In the hustle and bustle of Thailand, it's important to keep your valuables safe, especially your passport, as losing it can be a big hassle! If you're worried, consider using a neck passport holder to keep it close to your chest and stay vigilant at all times!

Lanyard Passport
Lanyard Passport

Siam Square

If you're a fan of shopping, apart from markets, "Siam Square" is a bustling shopping district and one of the hottest spots in Bangkok. It's considered one of Bangkok's busiest commercial areas. Siam Square offers everything from department stores to a variety of famous restaurants and local eateries. It's highly recommended to spend a day here to experience the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. Located at a transportation hub and housing numerous department stores, Siam Square is home to many international brands. The malls are also very comfortable, with strong air conditioning, ensuring you can shop for hours without worrying about the heat!

Additionally, there's an elevated bridge plaza that connects the surrounding malls. The entire bridge has a remarkable design and artistic flair. At night, it's illuminated, providing a serene ambiance amidst the hustle and bustle. If you're feeling tired from shopping, you can take a break here, recharge, and enjoy the tranquility amidst the bustling atmosphere.

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Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

The Damnoen Saduak Floating Market in Bangkok is the largest wholesale clothing center in the city, akin to Taiwan's Wufenpu. With a wide variety of clothing styles available at low prices, this massive wholesale market offers a plethora of options. While the market boasts a diverse range of goods, diligent shoppers can certainly unearth some great bargains! As it's a large wholesale market, many vendors offer similar products, so it's advisable to explore extensively and compare prices to ensure you get the best deal!

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Asiatique The Riverfront Night Market

There are countless renowned night markets in Bangkok, and Asiatique The Riverfront Night Market stands out as one designed for tourists. While the average spending might be slightly higher, it features Thailand's largest Ferris wheel and carousel, adding a touch of grandeur to the entire market. Originally an abandoned pier, it gradually regained its splendor after urban redevelopment, eventually becoming the bustling riverside night market it is today. In addition to restaurants and shops, it also hosts various international performances, making it well worth a visit!

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Bouncing Tip: Although the operating hours are from 11:00 to 00:00, businesses are usually more complete after 17:00.

These are some suggestions for you to consider. Take advantage of the visa-free entry to Thailand during this period, and why not go for a winter escape? You'll surely gain many unique experiences and memories!

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