Snow Chasers Must-See! Snowy Mountain Excursion Cheat Sheet

As the cold front approaches and snowfall begins in mountainous areas, many are planning snow-viewing trips. Whether you are a first-timer or a seasoned enthusiast, this cheat sheet provides practical information for your snowy mountain excursions. From tips to equipment choices, it equips you to navigate the snowy terrain effortlessly, allowing you to fully enjoy the beauty of the icy world!

Section 1: Important Considerations

1. Installation of Snow Chains

Before heading to snowy mountains, ensure the installation of snow chains on your vehicle to prevent icy roads and enhance driving safety.

A car fitted with snow chains driving on snowy terrain

2. Road Condition Inquiry

Pre-check the traffic control regulations and weather conditions for various mountainous areas to avoid restrictions and ensure smooth access to the mountains.

Searching for information

3. Maintain a Safe Speed

When driving on mountain roads, maintain a speed below 30 km/h to prevent skidding and potential dangers.

A car driving in snowy conditions

Section 2: Equipment Selection

1. Warm Clothing

To enjoy the beautiful snow scenery, withstand extremely low temperatures with essential warm clothing, including heated tops, heated pants, sweaters, and down jackets. Adjust based on your cold resistance.

Three people wearing warm clothing in the snow

2. Warm Accessories

In addition to tops and pants, warmth for your head and limbs is crucial. It's recommended to bring a wool hat, scarf, snow boots, and hand warmers.

One person helping another tie the shoelaces of snow boots

3. Waterproof Clothing

With high humidity in snowy environments, prevent wet clothes from causing chill by preparing waterproof jackets and pants.

A person wearing waterproof clothing playing in the water

4. Waterproof Accessories

For snowball fights and building snowmen, waterproof gloves are essential to prevent frostbite. For capturing beautiful snow scenes, a waterproof phone bag is necessary to avoid malfunctions due to low temperatures or moisture. Here, we recommend Bone's Waterproof Phone Bag, not afraid of water, suitable for various phone sizes, and allows responsive touchscreen use to capture wonderful moments.

A woman wearing Bone's waterproof phone bag in the snow
Bone's waterproof phone bag tightly seals to protect the phone from water, and the durable material prevents scratches (Image source: Bone official website)

5. Sunglasses

Both sunlight and daylight contain ultraviolet rays, and when these rays reflect off snowy surfaces, they can reach up to 95%. This is equivalent to staring directly at the sun. Therefore, to avoid snow blindness, sunglasses are a commonly overlooked essential.

A woman wearing sunglasses in the snow

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