【Sports Event】Running through the Golden Mountain City, enjoying the ultimate scenery of mountains and seas: “TNF100 ULTRA TRAIL CHALLENGE 2023”

The "TNF100 ULTRA TRAIL CHALLENGE 2023" is a long-standing event in the trail running community. It is considered a must-attend race for runners every year. The race takes place in the Jiufen-Jinguashi area, also known as the "Golden Mountain City." Let's explore the charm of this famous event in three segments!

Exploring the Radiant Centuries of Northern Taiwan's "Golden Mountain City"

Located in New Taipei City's Ruifang District, Jiufen and Jinguashi are renowned tourist destinations in northern Taiwan. These areas were once thriving mining towns and have preserved their historic mining sites. Apart from the famous street food in Jiufen's old street and the Jinguashi Gold Museum, this "Golden Mountain City" offers excellent opportunities for hiking and trail running. The region is home to the scenic Dulan Historic Trail, which connects Taipei and Yilan, as well as the iconic Huangjin Shiwuleng (Golden Fifteen Ridges). Adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts are drawn to these attractions year after year.

The TNF100 Taipei Trail Challenge, held annually between April and May, has been relocated to the Jinguashi area since 2019. With meticulously designed routes, runners can traverse the beautiful forests with their own two feet, crossing multiple administrative districts of New Taipei City, including Pingxi, Shuangxi, Shiding, and Gongliao. Each year, the race offers different distances and unique scenery, allowing runners to explore new landscapes along the way. This aligns perfectly with the race's slogan, "Never Stop Exploring."

TNF100-「Never Stop Exploring」


The TNF100 ULTRA TRAIL CHALLENGE 2023, held on May 21st, saw all 3,000 slots being filled within half a year since registration opened. This year's event offered four different distance categories: the 50K Elite Hardcore Division, 20K Trail Exploration Division, 10K Light Off-road Challenge Division & Experience Division. These options catered to both professional runners seeking a challenging hardcore experience and families wanting to immerse themselves in the charm of trail running amidst the mountains and forests.

TNF100Participant List
A densely packed participant list, try finding your name here!

Running with Mountains and Seas

The race course of the TNF100 ULTRA TRAIL CHALLENGE 2023, centered around the Dulan Historic Trail and Jinguashi, showcases a variety of famous landmarks. Participants from all divisions, including the 50K and 20K categories, have the chance to admire attractions like the Jinguashi Gold Museum, the breathtaking coastal views, and the newly constructed Golden Shrine. Even without specific points of interest, runners are treated to a constant backdrop of stunning mountainous landscapes and expansive sea views, providing a healing experience amidst their journey.

The Unbeatable Sea View Trail looks like a pathway leading directly to the sea from a unique angle!
Golden Mountain City under the Clear Sky
Before the race starts, you can enjoy the magnificent mountain views of the Golden Mountain City on a sunny day.

International Standard for Race Events

TNF100 has been held in Taiwan for several years, and each year the event strives to elevate the standards of the race. One of the reasons the author highly recommends it to fellow enthusiasts is the thorough checks conducted on each runner's equipment, supplies, and GPX offline maps. The mandatory equipment requirements ensure that participants are well-prepared before entering the race. Safety is of utmost importance in the mountains, and maintaining adequate hydration and proper replenishment are key factors in ensuring a smooth and safe completion of the race for everyone involved.

GPX Offline Map
While the course has clear directional signs, downloading a GPX offline map is also an important aspect of ensuring your own safety.

A Carnival-Style Playful Race Venue

A successful race encompasses more than just a great course and strict rules. The atmosphere at the start and finish is equally important. A positive ambiance can prolong the runners' sense of achievement, turning the event into a significant lifelong memory. At TNF100, this profound atmosphere is palpable. Alongside exquisite finisher gifts and medals, participants have the opportunity to engrave their personal records, reminding them to take pride in their race completion. TNF100 curates a memorable and uplifting experience for all, ensuring a celebration of accomplishment that lingers in their hearts.

Finisher's Medal & Award
This year's finisher's medal and award have a very stylish design!
Engraved Medals
Have your achievement engraved on the finisher's medal, creating unforgettable memories!
Achievement Backboard
Take a photo with your race result and share it on social media to show off your accomplishment!

In addition, the event features various vendors setting up booths on-site. This year, there are exciting rock climbing experiences, small activities organized by different brands, and food vouchers for participants to redeem delicious meals from food trucks. TNF100 not only provides an exhilarating race experience but also creates a festive carnival-like atmosphere. It's an opportunity for participants to celebrate their achievements with friends, enjoying a grand celebration together.

Marshmallow Roasting & Rock Climbing Experience
After the race, there are various fun activities to participate in with family and friends.
Food Voucher Redemption
There are food trucks with a variety of food options at the venue, providing post-race refueling for the participants!

Trail running offers a unique experience that goes beyond typical road races. It allows you to truly appreciate the beauty of Taiwan and all its remarkable destinations. Exploring forests and mountains immerses you in the wonders of nature. If you're ready for an extraordinary adventure, join us next year by registering for a trail running event. It's an opportunity to discover Taiwan's hidden gems and embrace the thrill of nature with fellow enthusiasts. Lace up your shoes and get ready to explore!

Trail Running, Navigating Through the Forest
The true charm of trail running can only be fully experienced in person!

The Importance of Lightweight Gear in Trail Running

Trail running requires more gear and supplies compared to road running. That's why having a reliable storage solution is essential. The Bone Run Tie Belt is designed with a silicone pouch that offers a comfortable and skin-friendly fit. It also functions as a race bib holder. You can easily store essentials like your phone, gels, and fuel, allowing you to seamlessly navigate through the trails.

Bone Run Tie Belt
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