[Bone Collection on Design] Office Storage Tool – Dual Cord Tie

Helps you to manage your cords and find your “right” cable! Today, let's introduce the design concept of the Dual Cord Tie!

Giving you a clean and tidy working environment, high-quality design, streamlined wire tidying equipment
Dual Cord Tie

The news of the coronavirus pandemic has been bombarding us every day since China's Lunar New Year, right up until now. Officials, journalists, entertainers, and celebrities… are all making some noise, coming and going with each other, and I’m just seeing eyes! Just around the corner, Japan and South Korea are also suffering from the virus, and it can't be stopped in European Italy either.

It's just as messy with all my charging wires, and it takes me at least a few minutes just to rearrange the knotted wires every time I turn try to plug one in.

So much, so messy. Every time I see a tangled wire, it makes my scalp tingle

How many people are like me, who can’t be bothered to tidy up and just chuck your charging wires and mouse straight into your bag’s pocket and then zip it up? Every time I need to take out my charger, I have to first prepare psychologically, and then bravely face the messy cables in front of my eyes.

The messy charging cable in the bag is always hard to look directly at!

If there was a fast and convenient wire-roller, would I be able to open the charger gracefully every time I need to use it?
Generally, charger cables are 1 to 2 meters long, but the length of charger cable needed on the table is almost the same every time, that’s why it’s unavoidable that the cables are as messy as this every time they are taken out, it’s so annoying!!
It's OK ‘take a deep breath’ just continue working on the computer, but after a while, I can't help but turn around and look at it: I can only sigh ‘it's so messy.’ Everything is caused by it, bad performance, no inspiration, wrong numbers... It totally messes up my mind.

Such a long power cable on the notebook computer, argh so messy!

"Dual Cord Tie "helps you to solve the above problems

  • Two section tie, allows adjustment of the wire length for each use
  • Fast and reliable wire tying tools
  • Environmentally friendly silicone material, not only resistant to pollution but also washable
  • Authorized by Disney, a joint Mickey and Minnie model. Cute and eye-catching
Bone has always insisted on texture and design in products

The clean and neat solution, isn’t it similar to a rubber band? It contains the designer's ingenuity, which a rubber band can’t be compared with.

Two section design allows you to open the first section to use the required length, and the rest of the lines are wrapped around the tied second section

It's simple, it's just the right length.

What Dual Cord Tie looks like to put it away,Length required in the first section

Computer charging cable looks elegant after being sorted out with the Dual Cord Tie!

The mouse cable is also an accomplice to a messy tabletop. The cord tie is also very convenient when retracting the mouse. The two-stage fixed wire is long and convenient to use

The mouse cord will never bother you again
Mickey's cable" is cute too’

Bone has won design awards such as the German iF Design Award, the German Red Dot Design Award, Design Plus and Design innovation. Through observing one the disorders and inconveniences in life, the Dual Cord Tie double ring binding was designed to quickly and effectively store disorderly wires. Bone will accompany you to find a clean and tidy living and working environment, which will make your mood more comfortable and happier.

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