2023 Celebrate Christmas! Must-Visit Festive Christmas Tree Spots in Taipei – Calling All Handsome Guys and Beautiful Ladies for Photos!

Approaching the grand festival at the end of the year—Christmas, cities and malls have adorned themselves with beautiful lights, creating a romantic atmosphere to welcome the arrival of Christmas. Let the author, along with all friends, appreciate Taipei's stunning Christmas trees. Together, let's use our cameras to capture the beautiful moments at the end of 2023. In the brilliant radiance, carry the anticipation as we welcome another brand-new year.

New Taipei Happy Christmas City | Christmas Sweet Party Main Light Dessert Stars

Christmas tree paired with desserts, New Taipei Christmas City, Christmas
New Taipei Happy Christmas City Main Light / Image source: New Taipei City Government

Location: New Taipei City Civic Plaza
Transportation Information:
- MRT Bannan Line, Banqiao Station: Exit 2, 3A (Access via underground passage)
- MRT Circular Line, Banqiao Station: Exit 4 (County Boulevard)

Every year, the "New Taipei Happy Christmas City" responds to Christmas, illuminating the most beautiful Christmas night views for 46 consecutive days starting from 11/17. The mascot "Santa Bear" and his friends will also make a comeback in the 3D light show.

This year's main light is themed around desserts and cakes, creating the sparkling and sweet "Dessert Stars." The Christmas tree is designed as a matcha cake, surrounded by colorful desserts. Walking under the Christmas tree and looking up, you can see the lights hanging from the canopy, resembling the stars in the night sky. The rich sweet atmosphere allows everyone to spend a romantic and sweet Christmas night.

The lighting time for the Dessert Stars is after 5:30 PM, with performances every half an hour. There are many carefully decorated photo spots around the square. Don't miss it, friends who want to leave behind sweet memories!

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Station Front Store | Pokémon Themed 10-Meter Christmas Tree

Pokémon, New Taipei Christmas City, Christmas
Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Station Front Store 10-Meter Pokémon Christmas Tree / Image source: Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Station Front Store

Location: 1st floor, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Taipei Station Front Store
Transportation Information: Take the MRT Bannan Line or Tamsui Line to Taipei Station, and exit at Z4 in the station's underground mall

This year, Pokémon, popular among children and adults alike, is making an appearance in the Taipei Main Station area! As part of Shin Kong Mitsukoshi's 2023 anniversary celebration with a Pokémon theme, they have erected the tallest, largest, and cutest "Pokémon Christmas Tree" outside Taipei Station. In addition to the Pokémon Christmas Tree, there will be two "Pokémon Meet and Greet" events in December. Led by Pikachu, along with the new favorites: Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble, the events will take place on 12/09 and 12/17 at 14:30 and 16:30 respectively, at the east side entrance on the first floor. Kids and Pokémon enthusiasts can take photos with Pokémon by presenting invoices of any amount on the event day. (For actual event details, please refer to each store's announcements.)

Shin Kong Xinyi 2023 Christmas Time City | Tree of Time

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Xinyi, A11, New Taipei Christmas City, Christmas
Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Xinyi New Life Art of Time / Image source: Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Station Front Store

Location: Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Taipei Xinyi New Life A11
Transportation Information: MRT Bannan Line Exit 3, approximately 8 minutes on foot

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Xinyi New Life is pulling out all the stops this year, collaborating with the cross-border curatorial team "INCEPTION 啟藝" to create the "2023 Christmas Time City." They have constructed the "17-meter Tree of Time," consisting of ten thousand snow-white leaves symbolizing encounters between people. At the top of the tree is a sparkling octagram, and below, there is a Time Cabin built with the concept of the twelve hours, symbolizing every important moment spent with significant others.

The "Tree of Time" will have a 3-minute music and light show every hour and half-hour. There will be a 2-minute performance at 15 and 45 minutes past the hour.

Unity Department Store "Love‧Sharing" | Purple Wish Christmas Main Tree

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Xinyi, A11, New Taipei Christmas City, Christmas
Unity Department Store Love.Sharing Theme Decorations / Image source: Unity Department Store

Location: Unity Department Store Taipei (2F Dream Plaza)
MRT Bannan Line, City Hall Station: Exit 2

Themed around the contemporary art capital of Spain, "Barcelona," the unique cultural and artistic atmosphere is showcased through the event named "Love‧Sharing" at Taipei Unity Department Store starting from November 17. The 13-meter-tall "Purple Wish Christmas Main Tree" at Unity Department Store draws inspiration from the vibrant imagery of the flamboyant Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, with the European-style fountain base transformed into free-spirited flamenco dancers, gracefully dancing on the magical fountain base. A spectacular Purple Wish-themed light show will be presented every day from 18:00 to 21:00, with additional Christmas snowflake shows on weekends. Art enthusiasts are invited to immerse themselves in the surrealism of Dali and dance with the passionate butterflies.

Miramar Entertainment Park | Wonka Christmas Tree

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Xinyi, A11, New Taipei Christmas City, Christmas
Wonka-themed Christmas Tree, Sweet and Fun Premiere / Image source: Miramar Entertainment Park

Location: Miramar Entertainment Park, Dazhi
Transportation Information: MRT Wenhu Line JianNan Road Exit 3

Remember the sweet and whimsical story of the movie "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"?The prequel story movie "Wonka" is set to be released in Taiwan on December 6. To promote the movie premiere, Miramar Entertainment Park in Dazhi has set up a Christmas tree themed after "Wonka," with a giant chocolate display in front of the Christmas tree creating a sweet and delightful atmosphere from afar! Visitors who come for a photo opportunity can also head to the cinema to watch the new movie after taking pictures!

National Taipei University of Technology | Ferrero Rocher Christmas Tree

National Taipei University of Technology, Christmas Tree, Christmas
Beautiful Ferrero Rocher Christmas Tree at National Taipei University of Technology / Image source: National Taipei University of Technology

Location: National Taipei University of Technology
Transportation Information:
MRT Bannan Line Zhongxiao Fuxing Exit 1, approximately 10 minutes walk
MRT Bannan Line Zhongxiao Xinsheng Exit 4, approximately 10 minutes walk

Have you explored all the shopping malls and want to try something new? At night, the campus of National Taipei University of Technology is adorned with a towering 12-meter golden Christmas tree. During the day, it looks like a giant Ferrero Rocher chocolate shining in the sunlight, and at night, it becomes dazzling, becoming a highlight of National Taipei University of Technology's Christmas celebrations.

After checking out the recommended Christmas tree spots in Taipei, I'm sure all the friends are hoping to capture a beautiful moment with the Christmas trees! The author recommends two ways to take photos with the Christmas tree, allowing friends to capture the beauty in different ways!

People in the Scenery: Christmas Tree as a Backdrop

Christmas, Photography, Instagrammable

The current Christmas trees are often built to be visually spectacular, reaching heights of approximately 1-1.5 stories tall. If you want to capture the entire Christmas tree in the frame, you can consider the "People in the Scenery" approach. Get close to the camera and position yourself a bit farther away from the Christmas tree to capture a beautiful and atmospheric Christmas photo!

Using the Christmas Tree as a Wall Background

Christmas, Photography, Instagrammable

Lucky friends standing in the front row of the Christmas tree's rock zone can use the decorations on the tree as a background, interact with the decorations, and although you can't capture the entire tree, you can still create a unique Christmas atmosphere in your photos!

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