Dcard Users Recommend 6 Practical Travel Essentials – Turns Out They're So Useful!

Have you started traveling after the pandemic restrictions were lifted? For many, traveling is not just a way to relax but also a crucial means to explore the world and experience different cultures. While enjoying your journey, here are 6 essential and practical travel items to make your entire trip smoother!

These 6 Handy Gadgets Ensure a Smoother Travel Experience!

This article has compiled essential travel accessories and recommended travel items for you! From packing your luggage to ensuring comfort during your journey, these practical items play a significant role in unexpected ways. Let's take a look at the 6 useful travel gadgets recommended by Dcard users!

Essential Travel Accessories, Recommended Travel Items
It's time to travel after the pandemic lockdown is lifted. (Image source: Philipp Kämmerer on Unsplash)

Travel Essential Recommendation 1: Smart Plug Adapter

When traveling to different countries, power outlets often have different specifications. A versatile travel-friendly smart plug adapter can solve this issue!
These adapters typically support various socket standards and may even include USB ports, making it convenient for charging various electronic devices. It's an indispensable travel essential for international journeys!

Essential Travel Accessories, Recommended Travel Items
A versatile smart plug adapter can save a lot of space. (Image source: Xiaomi)

Travel Essential Recommendation 2: Compact Portable Power Bank

In this digital age, smartphones have become an essential part of our travels, making a portable power bank a must-have!
Choosing a compact, high-capacity, and fast-charging power bank ensures you maintain a high battery level throughout your journey. Bid farewell to battery anxiety and never miss important messages or beautiful scenery due to a low phone battery.

Essential Travel Accessories, Recommended Travel Items
As the capacity of power banks increases, their size keeps getting smaller. (Image source: Onur Binay on Unsplash)

Travel Essential Recommendation 3: Portable Folding Umbrella

Whether it's sunny or rainy, a reliable umbrella is always a great companion during travels. A lightweight and durable portable folding umbrella not only protects you from getting wet on rainy days but also provides shade on sunny days.
Many folding umbrellas are designed with sturdy ribs, quick-drying canopies, dual-use for sun and rain, and some even come with odor resistance! Choosing a practical folding umbrella will undoubtedly leave you with no regrets during your journey!

Rainy Day, Essential Travel Accessories, Recommended Travel Items
Having a versatile folding umbrella is a must-have companion for your outings. (Image source: Atilla Bingöl on Unsplash)

Travel Essential Recommendation 4: Multi-functional Travel Pillow

During long flights or car journeys, a comfortable travel pillow can significantly enhance your travel comfort. A multi-functional travel pillow not only provides neck support but can also transform into various shapes to adapt to different sleeping positions. Choose a travel pillow with soft material, easy portability, and even machine washability to ensure better rest during your journey.

Essential Travel Accessories, Recommended Travel Items
A multi-functional travel pillow allows you to get a good rest during long journeys. (Image source: Parilov on Shutterstock)

Travel Essential Recommendation 5: Quick-Dry Travel Towel

A good towel is essential during travels, whether it's for the beach, pool, or daily use after washing your face or showering. A lightweight and quick-dry towel is not only convenient to carry but also dries quickly in a short time. The material typically has good water absorption and can effectively inhibit bacterial growth, maintaining hygiene.

Essential Travel Accessories, Recommended Travel Items
A gentleman needs a handkerchief, and travel requires a towel. (Image source: Taylor Vick on Unsplash)

Travel Essential Recommendation 6: Luggage Tag

Whether it's on the airport conveyor belt, public transport racks, or the ground during camping, a stylish and functional luggage tag can make your luggage stand out in the sea of bags, brightening up your journey!
For example, Bone's 【Character Luggage Tag】 can be used not only as a luggage tag for international travel but also hung on a child's backpack for easy identification at school!
In addition to cute character designs, silicone luggage tags are not only waterproof and moisture-resistant but also scratch-resistant for worry-free use on luggage and backpacks. When they get dirty, you can wash them directly with water. Definitely a must-have for travel!

Learn more: Character Luggage Tag | Bone

Essential Travel Accessories, Recommended Travel Items
Bone's【Character Luggage Tag】 is not only cute but also resistant to dirt and durable!
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