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People who like to hang their cell phones around their necks can only find cell phone cases with a sling, and they’re not very good-looking. Today, let's introduce the design process for the Lanyard PhoneTie!

It is not success that supports your efforts, but efforts that support your success.

Bone started life making creative products around Apple and PC devices. The most famous silicone bubble protector was an entry-level product that many people bought together with their iPhone. We also made cell phone hanging ropes, which could be attached to a sling. Now we have stopped the slings for cell phones, we thought of designing a sling that would allow a cell phone to be tied and hung, and then a friend asked, "if I don't want to use the protective cover, how do I hang the cell phone around my neck?" It made us start to think about how we could allow all cell phones to be freely carried with us, and at the same time be able to use all the functions of the phones, as well as expressing our own style of product.

Bubble Protector + cell phone lanyard

People who like to hang their cell phones around their necks can only find cell phone cases with a sling, and they’re not very good-looking.
Today, let's introduce the design process for the Lanyard PhoneTie!

Design manuscript

First generation
In 2015, the cell phone tie with a butterfly wing shape was developed, but its appearance was not simple and clean enough.

The second generation could be fitted with character charms, and the silicone could stretch elastically. It could be stuck upwards and downwards, or to the left and right, but later it is found that it could deform, fell off easily, and failed structurally.

The third generationused the German IF Design award-winning Bike Tie to effectively tie the cell phone when riding a bicycle. It would not scratch the cell phone, no matter at which angle it was tied. Later, it was found that the contact area around the cell phone was too large, and it would cover the screen.

The fourth generationcontinued the concept of the previous generation, with a rounder version that had less contact surface with the screen, and the shape was also cuter. It had multiple functions, could be used to hold or hang, but it might cover the camera lens of some cell phones.

In the end, for the fifth generation,we designed this version of the Lanyard PhoneTie. We removed the extended structure and some redundant parts, and it became a very simple structure. The hollow shape can tie the phone, and the back space does not block the camera function. Bone’s generic rope can be used with it; it’s simple and easy to tie and dismantle. The length can be easily adjusted when hanging around the neck and it can be undone quickly.

First generation to Fifth generation PhoneTies (left to right)

What is the significance of the Lanyard PhoneTie neck hanging cell phone tie for consumers after so many proofs of design, over almost three years? It can free up your hands! When you open a door, pick up documents, hold on to a cup of coffee, or when you bow down and reach out, you can instantly pick up your cell phone. It's like releasing your hands, while having your closest communication tool near you. Moreover, the material used is environmentally friendly silicone. When the life cycle of this product ends, it will decompose naturally in the soil, which is more friendly to the earth than plastic products.

Lanyard PhoneTie neck hanging cell phone tie is made of a silicone material that meets the RoHS non-toxic standards of the EU. It is not only environmentally friendly, but also skin friendly. It won’t make you red, swollen or itchy after hanging around your neck for a long time. Please follow Bone's steps and join the environmental protection ranks. Besides the lovely, colorful design, this model also has a simple design style that lets you mix and match freely every day, giving you both a great look and practicality. Make Bone a warm and sweet companion in your life.

Bone is committed to the development of creative products, creating interesting and practical good ideas, solving the inconvenience of life and giving full play to creativity in every detail of design. This design detail ranges from free sketch drawings, accurate 3D drawings, continuous improvement of product details, product design, material selection and final packaging. Everything we do adheres to the consistent environmental protection principles of reducing the burden on the earth and implementing green designs; our creative designs help to make the environment more efficient and have less burdens, so that you can live a simpler, purer, more ideal life.

Bone Lanyard PhoneTie

Bone has won multiple awards such as the German IF design award, German Red Dot Design Award, Design Plus and Design innovation, etc., but we are never complacent about these affirmations. These honors make us more convinced that our only mission is to work harder to create more practical products.

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