Summer is here, embracing the embrace of nature: exploring the exciting world of Surfing, Canoe, and Freediving.

The footsteps of summer are quietly approaching, accompanied by the call of nature, inviting us to immerse ourselves in its embrace. In this increasingly fast-paced modern society, we often yearn to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and merge into the tranquility of nature. Whether bathing in the radiant sunlight of the beach or wandering amidst the beauty of lakes and mountains, bodies of water always exude a mysterious and captivating allure. In this adventurous and passionate summer, why not dive into the clear waters and explore the enchanting world that captures our hearts? Surfing, kayaking, and diving, these three captivating water sports, will guide us to unveil the mysterious veil of nature, and experience the miracles and charms within. Let's all jump into this vibrant and joyful summer, embarking on a splendid journey of exploration, adventure, and a rendezvous with nature.

1. Surfing: Dancing with the Waves, Embracing Challenges

Surfing is an extreme sport that brings you into the embrace of nature, allowing you to dance with the power of the ocean, experiencing boundless freedom and challenges. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced surfing enthusiast, each time you stand on a surfboard, it's a challenge to your courage and skills. As you navigate through the waves, with the wind howling in your ears, you'll forget everything and be fully immersed in the embrace of the ocean. Surfing is not just a sport, it's a baptism of the soul, reconnecting you deeply with nature.


Speaking of Taiwan, Wushi Harbor offers relatively calm waves and shallow waters, making it a relatively friendly spot for beginners. Moreover, there is a row of surfing shops near Wushi Harbor, where you can inquire about various equipment and coaching sessions.

2. Canoe: Navigating Unknown Waters, Finding Moments of Tranquility

Kayaking is a vessel that allows you to effortlessly traverse lakes, rivers, and canals, offering you a serene and harmonious journey on the water. Sitting in a kayak, you can set aside your daily worries and explore unknown waterways with nature, discovering beautiful scenery that can only be experienced from the water's surface. Whether you're alone or with family and friends, kayaking becomes a sanctuary for your relaxation, allowing you to enjoy moments of tranquility, contemplation, and escape from the hustle and bustle.


Kayaking is relatively safe. Full use of safety vests is recommended. Even if you fall into the water, there's no need to worry.

3. Freediving: Exploring the Mysteries of the Ocean, Feeling the Pulse of Life

If you're curious about the ocean, diving is the key to exploring the unknown. Equipped with diving gear, you'll enter a mysterious underwater world, dancing with colorful fish and getting up close to the beauty of coral reefs and marine life. Diving is not just an adventure; it's a challenge to yourself that allows you to feel your courage and perseverance. As you dive beneath the surface, watching sunlight pierce through the water, you'll feel the pulse of life and resonate with the ocean.


In Taiwan, there are also many professional diving systems that offer complete training and certification. If you don't have a diving license, you can still engage in snorkeling or experience diving guided by instructors. The depth of diving usually doesn't exceed 12 meters.

Don't miss the opportunity to explore the wonderful world of nature this summer. Surfing, kayaking, and diving will open the doors to nature, allowing you to harmoniously coexist with it. Whether you're seeking surprises in the challenge of riding the waves, moments of tranquility on a vessel, or the mysteries of life in the depths of the sea, these water sports will provide unforgettable experiences.

Waterproof Phone Bag

For such exciting activities, it's important to capture these unforgettable memories. While modern phones are designed to be waterproof, it's wise not to test the power of the ocean recklessly. Remember to bring a waterproof phone bag to ensure waterproof protection!

However, before embarking on these adventures, please remember to learn the relevant skills and safety precautions, and ensure you choose experienced and professionally trained guides. Respecting and protecting the natural environment is the responsibility of each one of us. Let's cherish nature together, enjoy the fun and beauty of water sports, and dive into the embrace of nature this summer. Explore the fascinating worlds of surfing, kayaking, and diving!

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