Craftsman Taiwanese Drama Playlist Recommendations! 'Craftsman Drama' Portrays the Various Facets of Life Through TV Shows

The term 'craftsman drama' is a relatively new and popular term in recent years. Through dramatic performances, it portrays various workplaces and professions, allowing the audience to explore the complexities of life through watching these dramas. Let's recommend some great Taiwanese craftsman dramas for our BENG friends!

In recent years, Taiwanese dramas seem to have sparked a new trend, with many dramas focusing on 'professions' as their main theme, sparking numerous discussions. Today, we're here to compile a list of 'must-watch Taiwanese dramas' for our BENG friends.

1. Mirror Forest

2019 - 3 Seasons

 Mirror Forest is a drama with a theme centered around news reporters.
Image Source: Mirror Forest

Mirror Forest is a drama centered around the theme of "journalism." It provides a realistic portrayal of the media industry, delving into various societal issues, conflicts of interest, real-life cases, and the complexities of human nature. The series boldly exposes the darker side of society, including the collusion between government and business, threats, bribery, and various criminal cases. It explores how, in such a society, news media should uphold justice, maintain impartial and objective reporting, and strive to deliver the most genuine truth to its audience.

The drama's tagline, "Society needs the truth, not scripts," reflects its commitment to depicting real-life events and highlighting the challenges faced by media professionals. The series adapts several real cases from Taiwan, interweaving multiple characters and intricate storylines. This creates a mysterious and suspenseful atmosphere. The exceptional performances by the cast allow viewers to immerse themselves in the narrative and gain insight into the struggles of news media workers. Mirror Forest is undoubtedly relevant to everyone's lives, emphasizing the importance of accurate and truthful reporting in society.

2. Best Interests

2019 - 3 Seasons

 *The Best Interests* depicts the blood and tears of lawyers in the workplace.
Image Source: Best Interests

Best Interests is a legal drama that revolves around the lives of lawyers, emphasizing the core idea that "a lawyer's job is to fight for the best interests of their clients." This theme runs through the entire series, touching on issues of social justice, human nature, and the pursuit of fairness. Most of the cases depicted in the drama are adapted from real-life Taiwanese legal cases. The show maintains a brisk pace without unnecessary delays, and its characters are well-defined and distinctive.

Through its discussions of justice and the value of lawyers in society, the series defines the role of lawyers. It also explores the dark side of the workplace, individuals' aspirations, and how one can maintain their integrity in such a balancing act. Despite its serious tone, the drama is infused with a touch of humor and comedy, making it highly recommended.

The series' tagline, "Society needs the truth, not scripts," reflects its commitment to portraying real legal cases and highlighting the challenges faced by legal professionals. It creates a mysterious and suspenseful atmosphere, enhanced by the exceptional acting skills of the cast, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the narrative. It underscores the relevance of these issues to everyone's lives.

3. The Chosen Ones: Wave Makers

2023 - 1 Season

 The Choices We Make: Wave Makers is a quite innovative political aide drama.
Image Source: The Chosen Ones: Wave Makers

When it comes to Taiwanese professional dramas, one cannot miss the recent hit series, "The Chosen Ones: Wave Makers." This is a "political strategist" drama that delves into the behind-the-scenes operations of elections, the daily work of party members, and the strategic battles between rivals. With its unique theme and a star-studded cast, it has generated a lot of buzz.

The series is exceptionally realistic, making viewers feel as if they are part of this world. It covers everything from presidential elections to everyday family life, allowing even those who are not involved in political strategy to relate to it. It provides an in-depth look at the effort and time it takes to become a "wave maker" behind an election campaign. If you haven't jumped on this train yet, now is the time to watch it!

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4. Tears of the Fire God

2021 - 1 Season

 Tears of the Fire God features scenes and a storyline that are quite realistic.
Image Source: Tears of the Fire God

Tears of the Fire God garnered significant attention when it was first released, depicting the hardships and sacrifices of "firefighters." The series explores the camaraderie among colleagues and the balance between work and family life in the context of firefighters' demanding profession. It provides an authentic portrayal of the challenges faced by firefighters, including complaints, obstacles, and the various issues we often see in the news.

The show is said to draw inspiration from the real-life experiences of Taiwan's firefighters. Many of the intense fire scenes were shot using real fires to enhance realism and intensity. The actors even performed at actual fire scenes, making everything appear more authentic. The series portrays the perilous situations that firefighters face during each fire, the urgency and difficulties of rescue missions, and the imperfections in the system. It delves into the complexities of human nature and society, highlighting the life lessons faced by each firefighter.

5. The Bird Stories of Their Entrepreneurship

2021 - 1 Season

 The Bird Stories of Their Entrepreneurship is a drama centered around the entrepreneurial journeys of three women.
Image Source: The Bird Stories of Their Entrepreneurship

Unlike other occupational dramas, The Bird Stories of Their Entrepreneurship doesn't focus on a specific profession but rather on "female entrepreneurship," making it a unique and fresh addition to the genre. It follows the journeys of three women with vastly different personalities and backgrounds as they navigate the challenges of the startup industry and the process of getting along with one another. The series sheds light on the difficulties women face in the workplace.

The show features many memorable quotes that resonate with the sentiments of those in the corporate world. The realistic storyline mirrors the lives of many, showing that "life is made beautiful by the bird stories." No matter what you do, you're bound to encounter various challenges, which are the nutrients for personal growth. Going through these experiences allows individuals to push their limits and soar higher.

In addition to entrepreneurship, the series also touches on themes of family, friendship, and love. In any aspect of life, one must confront their true self, grow through adversity, and learn that "you have to give up to gain." This enriches one's life and makes them stronger.

Through these occupational dramas, people in the same profession can relate to the characters' experiences, and those from different backgrounds can gain insight into the challenges and hardships faced in various professions. Watching these dramas offers a glimpse into the myriad facets of life, fostering understanding and empathy among viewers.

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