Taking your furry baby to the vast grasslands for a breath of fresh air - A guide to pet parks in Greater Taipei.

Today, many households have furry companions. However, in the densely populated and limited space of Greater Taipei, it's challenging to find enough room for furry friends to run and play, especially when the family includes a large or medium-sized dog. Here, Bounce Collection has compiled a list of five pet parks in the Greater Taipei area, allowing everyone to enjoy quality time with their dogs!

1. Taipei Windward Dog Park

The Taipei Windward Dog Park is arguably the most well-known pet park in the Greater Taipei area, occupying a total area of 1 hectare. It is a thoughtful pet park with excellent facilities. Apart from having separate areas for large and small dogs with double-layer maintenance fences, the park also provides amenities such as water fountains, climbing boards, and facilities for waste disposal and collection. Moreover, the park is friendly to owners, with plenty of seating available throughout. It's a great place to enjoy time with your dogs, and there are often pet gatherings for your furry friends to make new acquaintances!

A well-established pet park with excellent facilities

2. Shilin Zhishan Pet Park

Located not far from the National Palace Museum, Shilin's Zhishan Pet Park is a rare wooden dog park. Covering an area of about 498 square meters, the park predominantly features deep brown wooden colors blending into the green surroundings. It stands out from typical open or iron-fenced pet parks. The park offers a shared activity area for both small and large dogs, along with shaded pavilions and seating for owners to relax. Although it has fewer play facilities, the "Wooden Maze" is a notable feature, and dogs enjoy playing in it tirelessly. The park also provides necessary handwashing and footwashing facilities for both dogs and owners to enjoy the scenic surroundings and playtime fully.

The Shilin Zhishan Pet Park is quite distinctive

3. Neihu Tanmei Pet Park

The Neihu Tanmei Pet Park covers an area of approximately 2230 square meters, located near the Taipei Animal Shelter. It is said that volunteers often bring dogs from the shelter to run and play in the park. The park features wooden walkways, ensuring that the ground won't be too hot for dogs even on sunny days. There are separate areas for small and large dogs, and a thoughtful touch is the presence of ramps for easy access. The highlight is the coin-operated "Pet Self-Service Bathing Machine," making it convenient for owners to clean their furry friends after playtime. The machine provides warm water, gentle cleaning agents, and a drying facility, considering the well-being of both pets and owners.

Neihu Tanmei Pet Park features a self-service bathing machine

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Using a phone lanyard means no more worries about your phone slipping

4. Yonghe Green Emerald Pet Park

Located in Yonghe, the Green Emerald Pet Park's major feature is its spacious grounds, making it the top pet park in New Taipei City. The vast green lawn and riverside scenery create a joyful haven for both dogs and owners. The park has separate areas for large and small dogs and is the largest pet park in New Taipei, allowing dogs to run and play freely. What sets it apart is the "Dog Fitness Center," featuring various facilities such as a wave pathway, iron ring tunnel, and high jump tire frame, providing a great outlet for dogs to release energy. However, as it's more open, without much shade, owners should be cautious about sun protection to prevent heatstroke!

The park's Dog Fitness Center has a variety of facilities

5. New Taipei Luzhou Ludi Pet Park

The Ludi Pet Park in New Taipei's Luzhou covers an extensive area of 17 hectares, offering vast open spaces. On clear days, you can even enjoy a distant mountain view, creating a serene atmosphere.
Compared to some well-known pet parks, the facilities for pets here are not as comprehensive. However, there are basic structures like a tire tunnel, seesaw, and S-shaped poles. In return, the spacious area allows pets to run and play freely, ensuring a good night's sleep when they return home. Keep in mind that there are no water fountains in this area, so owners should remember to bring water for both themselves and their dogs to stay hydrated! Additionally, with less shade, be cautious of sun exposure and the risk of heatstroke.

The park covers a large area and offers a scenic view

Dogs are curious creatures that love to explore. In the urban jungle of Greater Taipei, bringing your dog to spacious pet parks for running, jumping, and fresh air is a great way to balance life for both owners and their furry companions. So, grab your furry friend and head out for some fun!

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