The red envelope market secret language

Have you ever felt perplexed about how much red envelope to give when attending weddings of friends, colleagues, or superiors? And how much should you increase the amount for different wedding banquet venues? What is the appropriate monetary gift to maintain good relationships? Let me share the secrets of the red envelope market and etiquette with you. Politeness is crucial in the workplace, and knowing how to give wedding red envelopes without causing offense requires finesse. The secrets of the red envelope market and etiquette are revealed.

Traditional Red Envelope Culture and Workplace Etiquette in Taiwan:

In Taiwanese culture, red envelopes serve not only as a means of presenting money but also as a significant way to express blessings and respect. In the workplace, especially during festive occasions like celebrations and weddings, appropriate red envelope etiquette becomes particularly important. Mastering the art of giving red envelopes that are both fitting and respectful, without causing offense and maintaining good relationships, poses a considerable challenge.

The amount of a wedding red envelope typically depends on various factors, such as the relationship with the newlyweds, the wedding venue, and the number of attendees.

Here is a reference chart for red envelope amounts based on relationships and occasions:

Red Envelope Amounts Based on Relationship and Occasion:

・Closest Friends and Family:

If not attending the wedding, it is recommended to give around 2600 to 3200 NTD; if attending, the suggested amount is approximately 3000 to 3600 NTD in regular restaurants and above 3600 to 6600 NTD in upscale hotels.

・Relatives and Superiors:

For those not attending, the recommended amount is around 2000 to 2600 NTD; if attending, the amount can range from 2600 to 3200 NTD in regular restaurants and between 3000 to 3600 NTD to 6000 NTD in high-end hotels.

・General Friends and Colleagues:

If not attending, the suggested amount is approximately 1600 to 2000 NTD; if attending, the amount can range from 2000 to 2600 NTD in regular restaurants and between 2600 to 3200 NTD to 3600 NTD in upscale venues.


If not attending, around 1200 to 1600 NTD is appropriate; if attending, approximately 1600 to 2000 NTD in regular restaurants or 2000 to 2600 NTD in high-end hotels.

Red Envelope Numbers and Taboos:

Red Envelope Numbers and Taboos:Digit Endings: Traditionally, even numbers are considered auspicious. It is recommended to end the amount with even digits, such as 200 or 600.

Avoiding Certain Digits:

Number Endings: Traditionally, even numbers are considered auspicious. It is recommended to use even numbers as endings, such as 200, 600, etc. Avoiding Certain Numbers: It is advised to avoid amounts ending with "4" or "8" due to cultural taboos. The number "4" sounds like "death," and "8" has a pronunciation associated with "breaking" or "parting ways."

Gift Return Amount:

The gift return amount should be greater than the received amount. If the newlyweds attended your wedding, the return gift amount should exceed the initial red envelope amount.

Red Envelope Packaging:

・Use of Red Envelope Bags:

It is recommended to use brand new red envelope bags. They don't need to be sealed; simply fold them downward to facilitate the collection of the gift.

・Write Congratulations:

On the red envelope, write the names of the groom and bride on the upper right, include a congratulatory message in the middle, and sign on the lower left.

The above is a brief guide for your reference. When choosing the red envelope amount, the most important consideration is your relationship with the newlyweds and the occasion, while respecting traditional customs.

Red envelopes are widely used in various celebrations in Taiwan, especially during weddings, the Chinese New Year, and important festivals. Giving red envelopes represents blessings and respect, and the amount typically reflects the significance of your relationship and blessings for the recipient.

In the workplace, the amount of red envelope gifts usually depends on your relationship with the recipient. For colleagues, a suitable amount for a wedding red envelope is generally between 1000 and 3000 NTD. Additionally, for supervisors or superiors, the amount might be higher. Of course, these are just rough references, and the most crucial factor is choosing an amount based on your financial capability and relationship with the recipient.

Select red envelope covers with auspicious patterns or blessing words, such as the "囍" character, magpies (a symbol of happiness), or poetic blessings. These choices can convey your sincere wishes. When giving red envelopes, accompany them with a few words of blessing, such as "Wishing you a happy marriage and a lifetime of harmony." These expressions can convey your heartfelt blessings and care.

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In Taiwanese culture, red envelopes are a crucial means of expressing blessings and respect. In the workplace, observing proper red envelope etiquette demonstrates your thoughtfulness and care, while also reflecting a respect for traditional culture. Choosing the right amount, packaging, and expressing words of blessing are all important elements in conveying your heartfelt intentions.

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