Pokémon Center TAIPEI made a grand debut on 12/8! Let's explore the island of Pokémon together

On December 8th, Taipei will witness the unveiling of a captivating sanctuary for Pokémon trainers – the much-anticipated Pokémon Center TAIPEI. This grand opening promises an extraordinary Pokémon extravaganza for fans all over Taiwan. The store not only boasts a creatively designed interior but also features an exclusive range of merchandise available only in Taipei, offering a taste of the distinctive Pokémon Center TAIPEI style.

"Discovering the Enchanted Isle: Pokémon Center TAIPEI's Spectacular Debut"

Pokémon Center TAIPEI
Official interior photo of Pokémon Center TAIPEI (Photo Credit: Pokémon Center TAIPEI)

On December 8th, Taipei is poised to welcome a new haven that will capture the imagination of Pokémon trainers – Pokémon Center TAIPEI. The grand opening in Taipei promises an unprecedented Pokémon spectacle for fans across Taiwan. Beyond showcasing a creatively designed storefront, the center will unveil an exclusive collection of Taipei-only merchandise, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the unique style of Pokémon Center TAIPEI.

1. Exclusive Opening Merchandise: Taipei's Own Pikachu and Dragonite Plush Toys

Pokémon Center TAIPEI
Taiwan-exclusive Dragonite plush toy (Photo Credit: Pokémon Center TAIPEI)
Pokémon Center TAIPEI
Taiwan-exclusive Pikachu plush toy (Photo Credit: Pokémon Center TAIPEI)

In the midst of this Pokémon extravaganza, the most eagerly anticipated element is undoubtedly the exclusive opening merchandise. Pokémon Center TAIPEI is set to unveil a collection of one-of-a-kind items, and leading the charge is a special edition Pikachu and Dragonite plush toy inspired by Taiwan. The Pikachu we all know so well sports round glasses and a diagonally slung fruit bag, while Dragonite's basket hides a fruity Pokémon known as "Sweet Bamboo," exuding the rich island vibes and cultural characteristics of Taiwan's fruit kingdom. These adorable Pokémon are destined to become cherished treasures, leaving fans eager to see what other Taiwan-exclusive Pokémon will be revealed in the future.

2. Island Beauty: A Revealing Glimpse Inside the Store

Pokémon Center TAIPEI
Official interior photo of Pokémon Center TAIPEI (Photo Credit: Pokémon Center TAIPEI)

The design of Pokémon Center TAIPEI's storefront takes inspiration from an island enveloped by sky and sea, promising fans a magical experience of exploring a Pokémon island shrouded in mystery. The entrance, adorned with iconic Pokémon like Dragonite and Pikachu, subtly echoes the scenic beauty of Taiwan's geography. Within this Pokémon haven, you'll have the chance to capture special moments with your favorite Pokémon, creating indelible memories to cherish.

3. The Allure of Pokémon Center

YOASOBI in Pokémon Center TAIPEI
The Japanese popular music group YOASOBI recently performed in Taiwan and had an early unboxing experience at Pokémon Center TAIPEI (Photo Credit: YOASOBI/twitter)

For Pokémon fans, Pokémon Center has always been a must-visit sacred place when traveling to Japan. It not only sells various Pokémon-related video games and card games but also offers a variety of original merchandise. Each branch features unique Pokémon statues, such as the iconic Mewtwo at the entrance of the Pokémon Center in Japan, becoming a popular photo spot. Pokémon Center TAIPEI in Taipei will continue this tradition, providing various services and activities tailored for Pokémon fans, creating a genuine Pokémon adventure for you.

Last weekend, the Japanese popular music group YOASOBI, invited to perform in Taiwan, shared photos on social media of their early experience at Pokémon Center TAIPEI. The photos revealed a Pokémon merchandise wall featuring exclusive items for Taiwan.

4. Avoiding Crowds, Exploring Other Cute Merchandise

On the opening day, Pokémon Center TAIPEI is expected to attract a large number of Pokémon fans. If you want to avoid the crowds, don't worry! In addition to visiting Pokémon Center, there are other places where you can find cute Pokémon-related merchandise. For example, Bone Collection's Pokémon-shaped ice cube tray, Bone Pokémon-themed foldable food container, and Pokémon-shaped wrist pad are ideal choices for collecting or gifting. These exquisite Pokémon merchandise items allow you to continue feeling the presence of Pokémon in your daily life.

Pokemon IceCubeTray
Bone Pokémon ice cube tray
Pokemon FoldableFoodContaine
Bone Pokémon foldable food container
Pokemon wristpad
Bone Pokémon wrist pad

The opening of Pokémon Center TAIPEI will bring an unprecedented Pokémon feast to Pokémon fans in Taiwan. Whether you're looking for limited edition items, admiring the store design, or exploring the world of Pokémon, this will be an adventure that is hard to forget. Let's welcome this new Pokémon hub together and incorporate the opening of Pokémon Center TAIPEI into the chapters of our Pokémon adventure.

Pokémon Center TAIPEI
Opening Date: 2023/12/8
Location: Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Taipei Xinyi New Life Square A11 3F
Business Hours: Sun-Thu 11:00-21:30, Fri-Sat 11:00-22:00 ※Actual business hours are subject to the notices from Shin Kong Mitsukoshi

On the opening day, to ensure safe operations and alleviate crowding, "Entry Organization Coupons" will be distributed at 8 AM for entry management. The official announcement also advises the public not to queue late at night around the store, as there is no dedicated waiting area for long periods. Please come on the same day.

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